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Member Of The Month : April

I just wanted to give a shout out to KB our Member Of The Month for April. This chick has been on fire! She’s been so consistent with her training and is starting to see results from her hard work and committment. She never whines, always gives 100% and is a true example of someone who doesn’t expect change to just happen. She will put in the hard work to achieve and totallly deserves her massive increases in strength, fitness and shape she has gotten!

We’re shouting KB to lunch at the Paleo Cafe for all her hard work!





KB Says :

What are you most proud of since joining Crossfit 4551?
How much fitter, stronger and healthier I am and the fact that at my age the way I have improved over the year! I’ve even lost 9 kilos!

What is your least favourite thing about 4551?
That I didn’t find CrossFit earlier !

What keeps you coming back? The no BS attitude of everyone. If you need the piss taken – it is! If you need encouragement it is always there.

Also the camaraderie of your workout mates and the friendships. Oh and having a 5am session with great people so I can still get to work at a reasonable time.

Would you reccomend 4551 to friends or family? I tell HEAPS of people about CF 4551. I have tried loadds of gyms and programs over the years bu the varierty and the everyday tests, the all round cleaner living advice, the welcoming atmosphere and results all combine for a big winner!





I personally would like to say a huge thanks to all of my CF 4551 family for the awesome surprise this morning. Honestly it was the last thing I expected when we were heading into the box today. Certainly a fresh, revamped look and feel about the place now. Thank you to all who helped make the change, words can not begin to express how grateful we are for what you have done for the box and our members and for us! We realise that our gym means as much to you as it does to us! – Mick 


A Warm Welcome to our new members this year : Corey & Renee, Lachlan, Alana, Kurt, Micky Br, Ellie, Eden, Dr Sam, Jarryd, Emily & Alina

And a BIG Welcome BACK to : Pauly Robbo, Heidi, Merv, Corina, Will and Bianca



Out Of The Box : This month CrossFit 4551 Member Nick Woodhead embarks on a remarkable journey to Mount Everest, climbing to the base camp, beginnning on 26th of April to raise funds for the Caner Council. If you want to follow Nicks adventure then please go to his Facebook page for updates and information on how to donate to the Cancer Council




 If you haven’t yet discovered the reason why YOU love CrossFit 4551 – hit reply back to this email and we can set you up with a 14 Day Trial for $50. You’ll get a 1 on 1 introduction session with one of our qualified Coaches who will show you everythign you need to know before you start on your first awesome session with us !

3 Comments on “April

  1. Well done KB, it has been truely inspiring watching your journey over the last year. Gotta sneak in a few 5am classes just to train with ya !!

    • Cheers Leon, it’s been fun n enjoy the lively banter with you. Thanks for letting me stay for the 4.45pm yesterday. Haha

  2. I love KB. Behind all that mouth is a ton of heart and dedication. Those kinda results are no surprise. She definitely deserves the recognition