BOX CLOSED Rest day, Saturday 19/10/2013

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5 Comments on “BOX CLOSED Rest day, Saturday 19/10/2013

  1. Yesterday’s work wod. The don mod. 40 min. . Good luck to everybody at wod stock today.

  2. Good luck to all at wod stock today!! Happy Wedding day Breno and Larns xx

  3. Good Luck to everyone at Wodstock.

    I dont think I could be any more sore after yesterday. Just an easy 25minute jog for me today.

  4. 5 rounds with 2 min rest In between
    Body weight benchpress max reps
    Max rep pull-ups
    Got 5s and 6 in benchpress and between 18 and 27 in pull-ups.
    Have fun today Wodstockers;)