BOX CLOSED Rest day, Sunday 16/03/2014

CF 4551 would like to wish our good mate Nadzy all the best in the Police academy. We look forward to seeing you back on the weekend when your up on the coast!!





11 Comments on “BOX CLOSED Rest day, Sunday 16/03/2014

  1. I MISS MY GIRL ALREADY! The best training partner anyone could have. Your gonna shred the police force up Nadz! Miss you already!!

    • how will I ever find another girl that loves to train like you, don’t think I will ever have another training partner like you Brittany. I’ll miss you kiddo. See you when I’m home. Xx

  2. Congratulations may it be everything you have dreamed of:) Goodluck see you on the weekends:)xo

  3. Good luck nads, just try not to nab too many of my mates! Haha

  4. Thanks guys. If you tell ya mates to behave there shouldn’t be any problem pumpkin!!

  5. Haha roger that Nadz, I’m sure they’ll be good.. Have a great time with your new endevours!!

  6. Best of luck Nadzy. I will miss being an absolute pest to you and putting you in a shit mood 🙂 x

  7. Oh Nadzy I didn’t realise it had come around so soon. Good luck, you will be really missed around here. Xx

  8. All the best nadzy .! You will rock it . I can’t promise ill ever behave when im out but if I see ya around dont forget we are mates .!! 😉 hahaah just kidding .. go put em in line 😉 xx take care see you soon