Box Closed, Rest day Sunday 27/01/2013

Good luck to all our athletes competing in the final event of the Wodstock series in Brisbane today!!

4 Comments on “Box Closed, Rest day Sunday 27/01/2013

  1. To all travelling to the Wodstock Finals, be aware there is a severe weather warning for SE QLD!! Be cautious on the roads. Cheers!!

  2. Sorry to let everyone know grant and I choosing not to travel in these conditions, stayin home safe with our little marli, sad to be missing out but just don’t feel right about it,

  3. Proud , proud, proud, watched these people for only 2 rounds and they were doing it tough in this lovely weather !!! You can’t single out one person in my opinion!!!!Mick has to be the proudest Box/Crossfit in QLD to watch that group of people go hard and fast and just suck it up doing some of the worst wods ever!!/ Crab!!!! IAs usual coach Mick lead from the front to prove if he can you can!! Well done to one and all of you and congratulations!! Please, Please, Please stay overnight in Brisbane the roads are terrible and we all want you home safe for all our 4551 community!!! 

  4. ONYA “LIVDOGS” for filling my spot on our team and cheers guys for updating on the event, soooooo wish I could have been there, and on a positive note so glad everyone had a smashing time…..ENJOY the GALA ya feckers!!!