CrossFit Caloundra 4551 News and Events Update!!

The 25 day Paleo and Zone Challenge Day 23 of 25!!

The Nutrition challenge will finish this coming Thursday. This Saturday night we will be having a celebration dinner. Location is yet to be decided, we are open to any suggestions from you all!!

29 Comments on “CrossFit Caloundra 4551 News and Events Update!!

  1. Im definately interested in the paleo challange! Sign me up!!!

    • Day one of my Paleo diet..Im over it already..arhhh can you feel the dedication??…..dont worry Mick Ill stick to it….well…, no of course I will, can’t let down litlle

      or I should add,[because it sounds better]..can’t let myself down..stole that one from biggest

  2. Ok I’ll be holding try outs for my trivia team this week sometime, time to be advised.

    Just joking, count me in for both 🙂

  3. ooohhhh me too!

    Also you may find this interesting –
    visit (or copy into your browser)the link below where you can gain access to the first few pages of the e-book which is highly recommended to anyone who is looking at following the paleo diet, or who already is following the paleo diet, because there are always things that can be learn’t that can help to improve your health and lifestyle.

  4. my legs are flogged already from yesterdays first work out in 2 1/2 weeks. Ouch

  5. Joe made the zucchini meatballs from the paleo recipes, and we made a vege sauce of tomatoes, basil, onion, spinach, mushrooms and carrots to accompany them and it came out beautifully. will make some more meatballs for trivia night for sure!!

  6. Sounds awesome guys, everyone feel free to bring all your recipes along on the Trivia night!!

  7. Thanks for organising such a great night! Let’s do that again (which is easy to say when not at all involved in the organisation process!)

  8. I think we can make the Trivia an annual thing for sure Mel. We are always up for suggestions for any ideas on events, Fundraisers etc. I still am very chuffed with the turnout and result of monies raised. Geeeez!

  9. Well done guys for a great night and result to match. As they say Mick, behind every great man is a good woman. Tim Tam you rock socks!! Congratulations on the start of your family as well, you guys are gunna be great role models for your kids. See ya Monday, Cheers. Smokin…

  10. It was a great night last night. It is so good to see so much support for Crossfit 4551.

    I have a couple of Paleo Cookbooks in PDF File that I will put on Mick’s computer on Monday so if anyone would like to bring in a memory stick to Crossift they can copy them on to it an take them home to either print out (92 pages though) or to put on to their computer for reference.

    The best ones are the First Edition Paleo Cookbook for the 21st Centuary – Hunter Gatherer or First Edition Paleo Cookbook – Eating for Modern People.

    • Hey Mimsy they are the cookbooks I uploaded on the computer already as well as the 30 deal Meal Planner guide – I can upload these file’s onto the CF4551 site so as people can download them directly – will do on Monday.



  13. So pumped for wet n wild, and everyone will look fab after the zone and paleo challenge, everyone is putting in a great effort, can’t wait!! 🙂

  14. My two supervisors and three senior staff are all away for the Sound Wave festival that weekend. Plus I’ve got end if month stock take to compile. Not Happy Jan!! Hmmmm, me thinks a promotion and training for another staff member may need to be implemented to allow me to Goldie it up!! A month should suffice, now the only question is whom?!….

  15. Bugger!! Pauly is working both those days in March..oh well,next time???

  16. Bummer, im on site at work for 2 weeks in March 🙁 Both Joe and I are free the weekend of 19/20 Feb?? Or mayby you will have it make it every weekend for a month so everyone can go lol 🙂

    • When you login to the above link guys it will lead you to many many receipes and helpful information – too much to share individually. I have found alot of great ideas and receipes on this so there’s no excuses if anyone is Zoning and think that they don’t have enought info – its all here – it’s also free to become a member and you will always be updated on new ideas about zoning! ENJOY….

  17. Holy crap those GHD machines work! Didn’t feel like much last night, but my little abs are feeling the burn today, good purchase Mick, I feel a six pack coming on lol 😉

  18. the 19 cause on the sunday we have a dog show so its the saturday 4 us

  19. CBX (great steaks!) and obviously straight into the Beer and entertainment (all in the one spot) – ha ha. But to be honest anywhere is good as it will be the company that makes it!