CrossFit Caloundra 4551 News and Events!!

Congrats and Good luck to all 22 of our guys who have registered for the Crossfit open!!

For everyone wanting to join the Crossfit 4551 Team, here are some easy to follow instructions on how to join!!
*Login using your own athlete login.
*Scroll down till you see ‘join a team’ on the left hand side of the screen and click to go to next screen.
*Type ‘Crossfit 4551’ in the ‘search’ section.
*Search results will come up with our affiliate and there is an option to ‘join’ at the bottom of the page.
*Once you click on ‘join’, the page will refresh to show that your request to join the team has been sent and this will send a confirmation email to Crossfit 4551.
*Once Mick or Tamara have confirmed your request to join the team, you are part of the Crosffit 4551 team!!

REMEMBER: this does not void your individual registration!! You can be an individual athlete as well as a team member!!

11 Comments on “CrossFit Caloundra 4551 News and Events!!

  1. Can’t believe its finished today! WOW. So glad I done this and wanted to thank Mick for the support n encouragement to keep it up. I know it has certainly helped me with my WOD’s and engergy has been electric (ask Albert ha ha ha)

    Results from Zoning – IT WORKS !!!

    Lost 10% Body fat

    Waist – 4inch
    Chest – 3inch
    Hip – 1.5inch
    Thigh – 1.5inch
    Arm – 0

    Overall 10inches (26cm) pretty stoked with the result.

    • VERY impressive Karen, well done! 26cm and 10% body fat is a mammoth effort for 3 weeks, you should be soooo chuffed with yourself!! 🙂

  2. Mel’s results

    Start / Finish

    Weight: 69.5kg /66.5kg
    Waist: 88.5cm / 81cm
    Chest: 96cm / 90cm
    Arms: 28cm / 27cm
    Legs: 58cm / 56cm

    Lyndal’s Results

    Weight: 88.5kg / 84.9kg
    Waist: 103.7cm / 95cm
    Chest 110.5cm / 107cm
    Arms: 37.5cm / 36.5cm
    Legs: 61cm / 59cm

    Lynda’s Results:
    Lynda has dropped 4kg

  3. Nik’s Results

    Waist: 97cm/94cm
    Chest: 101.5cm/97cm
    Hip: 108cm/101cm
    Arms: 30.5cm/30cm
    Thigh: 57.5cm/53cm

    Didnt weigh myself, but Im 99.9% sure I must have lost weight!!
    Next time I want to try zone…so I can have my wine!!!! lol

    Thanks Mick for getting me to change my eating was the kick up the arse I needed!!! 🙂

    Good Figures so far guys..CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

  4. Tanya’s results

    Chest: 94/92cm
    Waist: 98/89.5cm
    Hips: 105/102cm
    Quad: 61/60cm
    Arm: 36/35cm

    Total lost 15.5cm and 3.6kg

    Must admit there was a McFlurry involved aswell as some cheeky pizza capers (i know ur going to kill me Mick) 🙂 however am happy with my results! Well done to everyone, there are some amazing results for 3 weeks (Gilli and Karen!!). Looking forward to some curly fry action Saturday nite, c u all there! 😀

  5. Smokin’s Paleo results.

    Start/Finish. (cm)

    Chest: 113/111 = – 2.0
    Waist: 104/ 96 = – 8.0
    Hips : 100/ 98 = – 2.0
    Quad: 64/ 63.5 = – 0.5
    U. Arm: 38/ 37. = – 1.0

    Total of Five = -13.5 cm.

    Weight: 98.8/ 95.5 = -3.3 kg.

    Final day of the Challenge and I gotta say what a great way to burn off the over indulgence of the Christmas period. Though more than that, a very good measure of the benefits of good nutrition in shedding body fat and gaining lean muscle mass. The most noticable change for me over the past 25 days was certainly my energy levels and ability to cope under pressure both at training and at work. It goes to show you are what you eat!! I’m now looking forward to maintaining a healthy diet based on a combination of both zone and paleo principles. Of course I am sure as hell looking forward to a few quiet ales after a month without a drop, starting with Saturday Night!!
    Thanks a Million Mick for not only putting on the Challenge but for your support and advice along the way.

  6. Massive efforts guys, by being away for the last 2 weeks of the challenge and then coming back and seeing everyone, you have all done some amazing things and look great, keep it going guys!

  7. I made the mistake of not taking my measurements before I started the Paleo Diet but I did weigh myself. I ended up losing 1kg but I didn’t eat enough (apparently). I don’t get hungry and I forget to eat so there were some days that I didn’t have anything to eat until after lunchtime. As I sit in front of a computer working most of the day, next time I am going to set reminders on my computer at various times during the day to get up and eat.

    Congratulation to everyone who was on the challenge – you all did very well and got some great results. Go Crossfit 4551.


    Whoever comes in with the highest bid will bet to SHAVE OFF MY LONG LOCKS…Karen Deegs has started the bidding at $100…

    Thankyou Karen for this fabulous idea and the starting Bid…Your a little champion! xo 🙂

    • Look forward to it Nicole – such a worthy cause and a very brave thing you are doing!

  9. How cool is the whirling sound for his double unders!?! I want to grow up to be just like him 🙂