Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd – ROWATHON!!

The normal timetable will NOT run as normal for Friday and Saturday this week. Anyone looking to burn a few extra calories is more than welcome to come on down and lend a hand on the rower.

-We need to keep in mind that this is a fundraiser and for the gym not a party. We have people living in the complex so we need to be respectable. Noise will need to be restricted through the night and we will need to stay confined within the area of our building and our front car park.

-We will have marquees set up for the BBQ and the feasting area. We ask that people are responsible with alcohol and put all cans, bottles, caps and general rubbish in our bins. There will be young children floating about and don’t need to be exposed to any loose antics. Anyone who becomes an annoyance will be asked to leave, once again this is a fundraiser!

-We have 24hr security in the area so please be responsible entering and leaving the premises also. Remember that any bad behaviour or incidents will reflect on the gym, this is exposure we don not need.

-If we could keep all alcoholic drinks in either the marquee area or the entrance part of the box, do NOT wander around the complex or outside the gates. If you feel the need to get rowdy head off to the pub.

-Don’t be a pest! People are going to be tired, cranky and trying to get in a good head space. Please don’t be annoying athletes completing their stint on the rower.

-Please make sure you turn up at least 20mins early to prepare yourself for your stint on the rower, this may include any mobility and warming up.

-It is up to YOUR team to make sure that your rower does not turn off, make sure change overs are quick. Help each other in and out.

-If the screen turns off and data is lost, your team is automatically ineligible to win the $200 hamper full of goodies for 1st place.

-After each team members stint it is compulsory to record the current meterage performed when the fly wheel has stopped. This is a progressive total that will be maintained over the 24 hour period. Failing to record your total after you get off will also leave your team ineligible to win 1st prize. This will help us maintain updated recorded totals throughout Friday and Saturday.

-Anyone can help any team but have others on your team at your own risk. If they accidentally lose the screen or aren’t rowing as fast as you like it will be the teams issue. No questions asked!!

-If a rower is turned off for whatever reason, you will continue your distance total from the previous recorded number (listed on whiteboard).

Lets get along together have some fun, have a feed and raise some coins 🙂