July shows our strength…

So we hit the toughest time of the year to train running with record numbers for Crossfit 4551 for the month of July. Never before through the middle of winter have we seen numbers consistently pushing into the fifties and sixties for most days. We also saw record amounts of personal bests set which was pleasing feedback for our coaches.
This month we welcomed some familiar faces back to the box in Chris aka Frank, big Kurt.N and Josie. We also welcomed Lili, Denika and Debbie into the 4551 family.
Heading into a stacked and exciting August with plenty on the calendar. Starting this Saturday is the first of our specialty gymnastics seminars. We will also see our new gang of members for the attendance challenge in Fe, Eden, Dan, Lachie, Will, Dane, Renee, Grant, Leon and Micky Br who are all pumped to tackle a challenge. On the 21st and 22nd of the month our members will participate in our annual fundraiser for our affiliate, the twenty four hour row-a-thon to help raise funds to upgrade some of our equipment.
Keep up the great work guys and bring on August!!
Mick Bonney
Owner & Head Coach



June’s challenge was completed by Chris, Will, Ryan.G and Mick.B. The workout was a gruelling sled drag with a lot of kettle bell swings.
For time:
5km Sled drag, 40kg
1000 Kettlebell swings, 16kg
Team time: 1hr 16mins and 43 seconds
Well done to all and we are looking forward to bringing in the new crew for August


Another month under the belt and what a great challenge it was for both teams this month. Once again the challenge consisted of two teams of five people aiming to keep a clean sheet of attendance for the month of July. The score finished at an impressive 2-1 with TEAM 1 taking home the win. The team penalty for this month will be released in the August newsletter along with the results for the workout.

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Congratulations to our Hero of the Month, Adam Hagger! 

A quiet achiever who works his arse off to get the best out of his body. Even though Adam has limitations from playing soccer over the years, he works around and accepts these challenges. In saying that, this guy is an absolute beast and we constantly see him smashing PB’s on a regular basis. It’s always a pleasure for the coaches to come in and be around such an awesome bloke who is an absolute gentleman that always puts others before himself. A very deserving champion for the month of July. Well done Ads!!

Hero of the month Adam, shares his passion for Crossfit, “When Mick congratulated me for being member of the month for July I was genuinely surprised.There are so many athletes I look up to so I felt mostly humbled and of course it got me thinking about Crossfit and why I do it and what keeps me coming back each day.

I didn’t know a lot about Crossfit when I first started but the one thing I loved from the get go was it was a team, everyone knew each other’s name, they encouraged each other, it was loud and full of energy and I knew it was for me.

I have fairly severe arthritis in both knees from my days playing soccer and while I’m not able to run there is so much I can do. Some days it can be quite painful but as long as I can get into the box and start moving, the improvements I feel are immediate and longer lasting than any pain killer.

It’s super exciting to see our impressive young athletes like Liv, Rani & Ryan chase their goals and I love training with these young guys each day. I would love nothing more than to see them achieve great things and be the best they can be.

I’m not sure if any of the above would be possible without the culture that Mick, Tamara and his coaches very carefully nurture so I am blessed to have found CF4551 and am lucky that it is part of my life. I would recommend it to everyone to give it a go.”

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No matter what age… 

Below is a short video about Cross Fit changing lives. From living as coach potatoes to people needing to do something about their health, this video shows how Cross Fit helps to make this change happen!

This Saturday the 1st of August will be the first of our specialty gymnastics classes. These classes will run from 60-90mins and will cover a range of specific gymnastics skills, drills and movements that will help any athlete improve their body weight strength and the way they move.

These sessions will be coached by our certified gymnastics coaches Aidan and Hayley Grant, this week we will be bringing you pistols and muscle-ups. If you want to improve your efficiency or build your way to mastering these movements through the correct and necessary progressions, then these sessions are for you.

Please get behind these sessions and support them so we can keep them running each month for you.

WHEN: Saturday 1st August
WHERE: CF 4551
TIME: 8am-9.30am
COST: $10 per person
FOR: Members and non members, kids also.

The regularity of these sessions will be subject to attendance, we hope to see you all there!


The Rowathon is one month away and i have finalised teams and rosters. Unfortunately there has been a lot of people pull out for different reasons so I have taken 2 teams out to help fill the others and try keep 12 per team (Avg. 2 hours each). If you have anyone that you might know that wants to come in for a 10min stint to help you out they are more than welcome, if they could donate a gold coin or two to your teams bucket that would be greatly appreciated also. Remember that you can come and go as you please to complete short stints for your team.


Has been released for captains to pick up and start sorting what times their team members will tackle their stint/s. There is no set amount of time you have to be on the rower which allows for some people to do more or less if it works for the team, ideally even amounts between would work best for your team though. Please book in and mark your name down for times that best suit yourself so your team is set to go on the day.

We will be running a BBQ throughout the 24 hours and supplying a few beers to show thanks on behalf of CF 4551 to the people who helped us out towards the fundraiser (feel free to bring your own if you prefer). The fundraiser will help provide an upgrade and much needed new equipment for the box.

We will be handing out prizes for the top 3 teams who cover the most distance, if your rower turns off throughout the 24hrs (unless battery or fault related) the team will be ineligible for a prize.

Thanks to all participants and everyone donating, greatly appreciate your help.



As most of you know, Ryan and Olivia have been doing some trials for the Again Faster Youth Development Squad run by the likes of Rob Forte and Kara Webb.

The Squad started off with 200 applicants, was cut in half to 100 and then recently, the top 20 most promising athletes across the 4 divisions as chosen by the Again Faster crew received an email inviting them to the newly formed Again Faster Youth Development Squad, which will include seminars with Kara and Rob, Dmitry Klokov along with squad get togethers and intra-squad competitions and some pretty handy sponsorship and other perks.

It is with great pride that I let you all know that our little mate, Livdogs Lohan, was one of the recipients of these emails and will be part of the first ever Youth Development Squad!!

Well done champ!!


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The Kokoda Challenge

The weekend of the 18-19th of July saw some of our very own 4551 members tackle the intense and rigorous event, The Kokoda Challenge. Of all the participants that start this event, it is said that only a quarter of them go on to finish. We all waited with baited breath and kept check on our team mates trackers over the weekend to hear of how our 4551 crew were travelling and we just want to say how proud we are of our friends Carolyn, Sue, Gilli, Scott, Corina and Justin for taking part in such a gruelling event!! Congratulations to those of you who went on to finish, and to those of you who had to pull out due to injuries, well done for getting as far as you did!! You have made us all very proud!!

Below are a few of the representatives, Sue (left) and Scotty and Gill (right) at the Kokoda Challenge.

July newsletter kokoda July newsletter kokoda 2
Your friends and family can take advantage of our 14 Day Trial for $50. They’ll get a 1 on 1 introduction session with one of our qualified Coaches who will show you everything they need to know before they start on their first awesome session with us !