New Years Eve, Saturday 31/12/2011

Do you have a New Years Resolution, if so what is it??

For Max Reps:
5 mins: Double Unders, (Tuck jumps if you don’t have a rope)
4 mins: Air Squats
3 mins: Sit-ups
2 mins: Hand Release Push-ups
1 min: 10m Shuttle Run (10m= 1 rep)

Post total score (Reps) to comments.

9 Comments on “New Years Eve, Saturday 31/12/2011

  1. Well as of tomorrow I have officially gone 1 year without alcohol. My challenge this year is to go a whole year with refined sugar wheat and gluten products and any processed food. This will be one of the hardest things ive ever done so im going to put how im going into a diary. Bring on 2012. Time to thrive!

  2. I put on about 100kgs in 2 weeks so will get rid of that first

  3. Randall I’m not sure we have met but I am so inspired by your commitments to health. I just commented at the gym today that I would like to do a year without alcohol and here you are with a post for me to read how typical! I would read your journal this time next year and perhaps be ready to follow in your footsteps with that one too! I have done both of these challenges for shorter periods alcohol 8 months and diet 6 months. I support you in spirit and wish you good health!!! Cheers to you tomorrow night!!!

  4. Paula Lohan
    Du 150
    AS 95
    SU 60
    PU 25
    SR 12
    Total 342….yeah go Paula.

    Tommy – Scaled – small cup coffee whilst judging Paula. Hahah

  5. Megan
    DU 182
    AS 118
    SU 66
    PU 30
    SR 12
    Total 408 rxd
    DU – too few to mention (goat)
    AS – lost count!
    SU – 80
    PU – 40
    SR – 16
    Enjoyed that workout! Can’t wait til next Wednesday!!!! Have a great night all 🙂

  6. Zach Miller Story – :'( can happen to anyone at any moment

  7. wasn’t gonna be pulling this wod out under my own steam!

    Did 300 air squats in13.11