November Newsletter

Our biggest month for our affiliates to date, celebrating our five year anniversary. We put on a workout and a feast to our members to say a BIG thank you for all the loyalty and support that everyone has shown throughout the journey.
We welcomed Matt.E, Kim, Kelli, Abbey, Verena, Ashleigh, Courtney and Isabelle aboard as well as a return of our old mate Brenno who come back from up north to join us again. All have made great consistent starts and are making great progress in such a short amount of time. Keep it up guys!!
Only a month out from Christmas now and the numbers have been steady, we will be staying open throughout the holiday period with a slightly modified timetable which will be released in the next few weeks.
Remember, you’re only ever one workout away from a good mood!
Mick Bonney
Owner & Head Coach




Our hero for the month goes to Josie. Her consistency and commitment to her training is faultless, she makes no excuses and turns up ready to rumble every day. Josie has improved in all areas of her training and has dropped plenty of centimetres along the way since returning to CrossFit. A pleasure for the coaches to train and an awesome team mate to workout with, all her PB’s of late are a testament to her hard work and effort. Well deserved and congratulations Josie!!

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“I’ve been feeling really good lately I haven’t been this happy with how I’m feeling and looking in a long time!” – Josie (Above)


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Thanks to everyone who turned out for our 5 year anniversary celebrations. It was great to have so many of you turn up and show your support for CF 4551.



#1 If going to a party where you’re unsure of the food situation, eat at home first.

Sounds simple enough but I’ve been to enough parties where the main food options were sandwiches and gluten surprises of unknown origin that if I’m unsure about it, I eat at home before I go. Nothing’s worse than going hungry at a party then arriving home really late, starving. If you show up and there are options, cool…you can pick and choose and fill your belly up with stuff that’s not going to wreck you.

#2 Be prepared for travel.

Holiday season is prime time for travel to visit family and friends, but long hours in transit plus limited options in airports and truck stop convenience stores often lead to impulse eating. I’ve consumed my bodyweight in nuts on many a long trip because I wasn’t prepared. Stash paleo-friendly snacks in your bag if you’re going on a plane. If you’re going by car, consider bringing a cool bag with some frozen ice packs or bottles of some description to keep lean meats, salads, fruit and veg in order.

#3 Don’t start a clean-eating challenge during the holidays.

This one’s tough. Some folks take on 30 day paleo challenges over the holidays in an attempt to “be good” because there’s a structure in place that they’re committed to. While it sounds great in theory, I don’t recommend it. It’s one thing to make paleo versions of your favorite holiday foods but when you’re ultra restrictive around this time of year, there’s always the significant chance of going 180 in the other direction because the pressure and temptations are so high. Falling off the wagon big time is even more likely at this time of year because you need to exercise willpower virtually everywhere you go. Just like a muscle, willpower gets exhausted from overuse, too. From personal experience and what I’ve learned with clients and readers, save your 30 day challenges for after the holidays. We will be running our 30 day challenge in the new year which is always a great way to kickstart your year.

#4 Schedule time to be active and exercise.

Even if it’s a short walk or a workout at home, with time off around the holidays, it’s easy to fall into a rut. You don’t have to smash yourself, but make time each day to get to CF (yes we will be open), outdoors or get a sweat on at home. You’ll keep your energy up and prevent feeling crappy over the summer and look a lot better when you slip into your togs.


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