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We will be celebrating our five year anniversary at CF 4551 on November 21st, we will be having a BBQ breakfast after the morning WOD and supplying all the food to celebrate and say thanks to all of our members who have and still are a part of our team. We are inviting all members, family and friends to join in on the WOD and feast.
For the first and only time we will be offering 50% off for the last 2 months of the year. This special will be available right up until the end of 2015 for any non and previous members who might be interested.
We will be releasing details to our members over the coming weeks about our Christmas party, so keep that weekend free and keep an eye out for the other event details.

Remember, you’re only ever one workout away from a good mood!
Mick Bonney
Owner & Head Coach

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Congratulations to our Hero of the Month, John Holmes!

Our champion 4551 athlete for the month of October goes to Holmesy. Credit where credit is due and this guy takes the cake and some. John has been 100% in his attendance, put up some incredible numbers (PB’s) along with losing 5kg. Through his commitment John is now sitting consistently at the top end of athletes in the box for performance. Looking forward to seeing how far he can take his training in the future.

Well done John!

“Before I began training at CF 4551, I had a gym membership which I used about three times ever. I was doing MMA and also playing footy.

Since joining the box, I am now in the best shape of my life and can’t believe how much fitter, faster and stronger I’ve become. To anyone sitting on the fence, I’d tell them to give it a crack. The 4551 team are great”

Above is John on his way to a PB for “Diane”.

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We all know what we put into our body determines the way we look, feel and perform each day. 70-80% of the results you will get starts from a solid nutritional foundation. Here are a few basic hints and tips that will help you maximise your output and potential.

1. Drink a lot of water
I know you have heard this a thousand times, but let’s make it a thousand and one. Drink it, your body needs and wants it. Reach for water first before other liquids. It will help make the transition a lot easier if you are well hydrated.

2. Stash some snacks
Take some snacks with you so you don’t find yourself hungry and tempted. I always keep a small bag of raw nuts and lean meats with me just in case I find myself somewhere that does not have paleo options available. Fresh fruit or vegetables is also an easy grab-and-go snack.

3. Don’t think of this as a diet
This is a lifestyle and it requires that you modify many parts of your life to make it work. If paleo doesn’t work for you 100%, adjust it so that it does. If you feel deprived and are not happy then this will not work. I will have a “cheat” meal every week or two which i enjoy very much. Being consistent and making good decisions most of the time is the key.

4. Listen to your body
When you are thirsty, drink water. When you are full, stop eating. When you are hungry, eat. When something makes your body tired or your stomach hurt shortly afterwards, then don’t eat it anymore. This may sounds obvious, but most of us do not listen to what our body is trying to tell us. We get so used to feeling bad that we forget what feeling good really feels like. Your body will tell you what it needs.

5. Prepare ahead of time
There are a lot of new ingredients you will encounter when you start looking through paleo recipes (what the heck are coconut aminos??). Get rid of any rubbish in your cupboards and fridge, and stock up on the things you should be eating and the ingredients you will need to be successful.

This is Nick.W after three months of making healthier decisions. An incredible transformation and true credit to him for making the changes, congratulations mate!!

“Just stuck to your training program and the paleo diet. Best results I’ve ever had hey”!

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This month we had a great article about CF 4551 and member Travis published in the Caloundra Weekly! If you missed it – below is the article.

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crossfit newspaper



A cracking month in the box as the weather starts to warm-up and the days become full of light. We also welcomed some newbies to the box with Matt.E, Kim, Izzy, Kellie, Abby, Zach and Courtney who are all keen to dig in and achieve their goals and also a very warm welcome back to Brenno.

We are excited about our milestone month coming up in November, we are looking forward to celebrating with all our awesome members



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