Rest Day, Saturday 09/06/2012

Enjoy your day of rest. Let’s get a HUGE turnout to the fundraisers tomorrow. Think of how lucky we are compared to the kids with cancer and people of poverty and get your butt in and make a difference. We will only hurt for 15mins, those guys have been hurting for too long! Think about it before you decide to stay in bed or not come in. I HOPE to see everyone in for this kick arse WOD, COME GET SOME!!

3 Comments on “Rest Day, Saturday 09/06/2012

  1. Good luck to Megan and Alan who are completing their CF Level 1 certification at CF Brisbane this weekend. All the best guys!!

    • Best wishes to u both – knowledge is everything!!!!

  2. 2km run
    Tabata 8 roundsĀ 

    9 situpsĀ 
    9 sqauts
    3 push ups

    9 situps
    7 push ups
    15 squats

    10 situps
    7 push ups
    13 squats