Rest Day Sunday 01/01/2012, NEW YEARS DAY!!

CROSSFIT 4551 would like to wish everyone a Safe and Happy New Year!!

Where did you spend it??

4 Comments on “Rest Day Sunday 01/01/2012, NEW YEARS DAY!!

  1. Happy New Year to everyone have a ball tonight in whatever you do!!!!!

    Also I took home a purple tupperware water bottle yesterday thinking it was Lilis,as we have these same ones at home. Soo sorry to whosever it is I will return it Wednesday.

  2. Happy New Year everyone! Hope that you all have a great 2012

    Looking forward to a fantastic year at Crossfit. It’s only a few weeks to more pumping Friday night
    Games sessions. Can’t wait. Have a good day and we will see you on Wednesday.

  3. Happy new years everyone! Lets make it the best yet!
    I spent it at tweed heads at a friends! Best night ever!
    looking forward to seeing everyone in the box on Wednesday!

  4. Happy new year everyone remember don’t make resolutions that are impossible to do small challenging goals often collectively achieve a greater result and a greater sense of achievement than one failed goal. Beginning Wednesday, one month of clean eating to kick start the year ahead of cross fit with hopefully some more frequent RXD’s and PB’s to come. Good luck to all the crew and I can’t wait to see you all this week xxxx kristen