Rest Day Sunday 19/06/2011 (Day 14 of 25)

Feel free to sing along to the gretest song on earth!!

10 Comments on “Rest Day Sunday 19/06/2011 (Day 14 of 25)

  1. you will be lucky if anyone turns up tomorrow after that crappy song

  2. The song that starts “Good old Collingwood forever…” sounds heaps better!!! 🙂

  3. Well done to Paul and Megan on their 10k runs today!! Nick, do you even know the words to your ‘sometimes team’ theme song?? (I say sometimes seeing as though you only back them when they are winning, which at the moment is very rare…)

    • Ila got through the 3km by herself, big improvement on last year…Ruben was like a kid possessed (well, i think sometimes he is)he smashed the 3km at 4yrs old…

      • Thats tops Paul, what time did you get?

        • Scotty, 45:08..I’m pretty happy i got the 1st 5km out in 22:10..Finally getting back some fitness, to where i should be..

  4. I went with Ruben, i’m pretty sure he came in under 25mins..It was funny watching him blow up about “the stupid hils”,(no idea where he gets it from) but kept slugging it out..I’m still amazed how well he did being only 4yrs old.

  5. he will be smacking out m-ups and handstands in know time! Great time Paul