Skills and drills day, Friday 24/08/2012

Harro squatting out with the kettlebell at Wodstock.

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  1. 5.30am
    Megan 16.20 (30kg)
    Kurt.N 23.44 rxd
    Lynne 7.39 mod
    Carlie 15.01 mod
    Hayley ??
    Lauren 15.59 rxd
    Penny 10.57 mod
    Paula 15.49 (35kg)

    Steve skills
    Ryno 14.47 Tuesdayโ€™s wod (mod)
    Shano.C skills
    Sue skills

    Aido B/S 2’s 100kg
    Dal 14.58 rxd
    Chase 17.26rxd
    Stu 7.38 rxd
    Pete 15.20 rxd
    Karen 15.15 rxd
    Mel P 13.00 (30kg)
    Heidi 17.65
    Flick 10.08(12kg)

  2. HI Guys, I think we have enough to get the books on order. The following people have confirmed
    Tommy, Sue (2), Pete, Lyndal, Mel P, Simmo, Corina, Mick, Megan, Penny, Jayden.

    Mick I will download the order form and email it to Mwod on behalf of 4551. Once we get the receipt there is a prize draw that we can enter. You get a 2 hour mobility session with Kelly Starrett, 2 nights accom, flights (internal US) and dinner with Kelly!

    • Guys – I submitted the order. The books are $29.98 US so probably around $29 AUD depending on ex-rate….I have used my credit card so you can pay when they arrive…

      • Thankyou heaps Tommy just let me know I will pay straight away Also would there be any chance one day of you being able to get me those black bands you got for Cliff and you? No worry if you can’t get Cliff gave me a go with them today great idea for this old lady!!! Cheers

        • Dam I just left the crossfit224 box this lunchtime. No worries I am
          Back in Melbourne next week so I will pick them up then.

    • Thanks Heaps Tommy for finding this book sounds great, will sort you out for the $ when we see you next ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Steve skills
    Ryno 14.47 Tuesday’s wod (mod)
    Shano.c skills
    Sue skills

    Congratulations sue for getting 2 consecutive double unders.
    Shano for doing everything he can possibly do one one leg including double unders.
    Steve for getting 7 toes to bar in a row . And ryno for doing Tuesdays wod. awesome to watch mate. Constantly massive morning At 4551 come get some

      • Hey Stevo did you read what Tommy said about the bands when I asked him just thought if you wanted some too!!

    • Yippee!!!!! Cliff thank you for your help and patience for me getting 2 double unders is a miracle!!!! Who would of thought they do happen!!! Cliff you are a champ appreciate your kindness!!!! And LOVE THE TUNES!!!!!!!

  4. Hey guys I’ll be heading in at 4 if anyone wants to come and work on a few extra skills/short term goals
    yew see yous then!!!

  5. Left work at 10.30 this morning as sick as a dog, came home and went to bed and have only just woken up now. Am going to give today a miss and will hopefully feel better for tomorrow’s wod.

    • Dammit I had to make my own dinner! And I’ll have to do breakfast too. Get better soon!