Team WOD Saturday 03/12/2011

In teams of 2 complete:

For time:
120 Burpees
100 Sit-ups
80 Kettlebell Swings 24kg (16kg)
60 Wallball Shots 10kg (5kg)
40 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (Kettlebell) 24kg (16kg)
20 Weighted Overhead Lunges 20kg (10kg)

Post load and time to comments.

On the Friday night of the Crossfit Games the men took on a rope climb and clean and jerk couplet. Watch the Day 1 leaders do: 5x 15ft rope climb ascents (“RC”), 5x 65kg clean and jerk (“C&J”), 4x RC, 4x 75kg C&J, 3x RC, 3x 85kg C&J, 2x RC, 2x 93kg C&J, 1x RC, 1x 102kg C&J.

7 Comments on “Team WOD Saturday 03/12/2011

  1. It sounds mental.. but totally awesome all at the same time…
    it’s currently 2:30am and i’m getting ready for work..
    have fun everyone 🙂

  2. 8am
    Team 1: 16.45 rxd

    Team 2: 22.53 rxd

    Team 3: 20.50 rxd

    Team 4: 17.35

    9am Comp Squad: (In order of Thruster/Prowler Push)

    5 Rounds for time:
    5 Thrusters 70kg (50kg)
    30m Prowler Push 80kg (60kg)

    Locky 20.04 (60kg/60kg)
    Mick 15.31 rxd
    Hulk 24.49 rxd
    Cherise 20.35 rxd
    Aido 19.40 (60kg/60kg)
    Brandoss 22.11 (60kg/60kg)
    Lauren 28.18 rxd
    Kazz 25.24 (35kg/50kg)
    Mull 24.17 (40kg/50kg)
    Tanners DNF

  3. Well done to all who turned out for what was a testing WOD at 9am this morning! Also thanks to Pauly for getting the 3rd prowler to us in time and to all who stayed around and cheered everyone on, CHEEEERS!!

  4. Mel, i’ll fight you for him in my dreams… haha
    We would look abit out of proportion standing next to each other though hahaha