Team WOD Saturday 07/06/2014

People really are awesome!!

As an individual or in teams complete:  

For time:

Row 50 Calories
50 Box Jump Overs 24″ (20″)
50 Deadlifts 80kg (55kg)
50 Wallball Shots 10kg (6kg)
50 Ring Dips
50 Wallball shots
50 Deadlifts
50 Box Jump Overs
Row 50 Calories
Post load and time to comments.   



10 Comments on “Team WOD Saturday 07/06/2014

  1. What kind of times did people hit on this?

    • 22 min cutoff at regionals.
      Rich Froning did it around 21:35..

  2. What that’s crazy.. Can I have 40 min cut off at least?

  3. How many people did froning have in his team Pete?

  4. Thanks Susy for woding with me was an awesome start to my day!! Dam girl you can jump congrats your going awesome:)

    • haha thanks Sue, it was so good to have you as my partner!

  5. Hey Guys, How do we get out photo’s to show up…I know someone explained a while ago but i forgot….

    • Hey tommy – you have to search for gravatar to get it uploaded to that email