Team WOD Saturday 12/11/2011

In Teams of 1-2 people complete:

As many Rounds as Possible in 30mins:
Run 400m
10 L-Pull-ups
15 Back Extention 10kg (5kg)
20 Sit-ups 10kg (5kg)

Post load and time to comments.


18 Comments on “Team WOD Saturday 12/11/2011

  1. and you want me to come in?? hmmm…
    woo,tour de crossfit, i can tel im complaining haha

  2. I exercise…….. My right to cherrypick! I forgot the Crossfit dedication that u r not missing out if you dont drink alcohol!!! Damn it! The only way I would do this a.m is if Aidan, Dale and Johnno are doing it too!

  3. They all did it except u and Aidan Kristen, Brenno was very disappointed u let him down this morning!

  4. 8am
    Gill/Tanners 6+15+20
    Lynda/Brenno 6rds
    Chase/Hulk 6rds
    Cliffo 4rds rxd
    J.F.K 4rds (mod)
    Sheree “Baby Murph” 15.25
    Gemma 9rds (mod)
    Tamara 4+5 (mod)

  5. Oh now I feel bad they should have let me know they were up to the challenge!! When was the last time hulk showed up on a sat am after a late night at tonic!!! Where’s johnnos time? I’m sorry brendon but looks like you and lynda were a great team I would have failed u miserably if I had turned up! Sorry Mick

  6. Happy b’day Paula hope ur having a good time at m’ba!!