Team WOD Saturday 13/09/2011

Today we wish Rob and Beck.L all the very best on their special day, CONGRATULATIONS GUYS from everyone at Crossfit 4551 Caloundra!!

Also if your not doing much head down to the Kawana Aquatic centre at 9.30am and cheer on our 4551 representatives in the “CLASH ON THE COAST” competition, GOOD LUCK GUYS!!

To the brave courageous lads on Scotty’s “MAN SHOWER”, i’m sure there will be a Hero WOD named after the Soldiers attending, Stay strong fellas, God Bless you all!! 😉

In teams of 3 complete the following tasks for a team time!!
60 Hang Power Snatch 40kg (30kg)
Row 2km
60 Handstand Push-ups
Run 2.5km
60 Overhead Squats 40kg (30kg)

Post team time to comments.

13 Comments on “Team WOD Saturday 13/09/2011

  1. Good luck Beck and Rob we hope you have a great day…the Lohan’s

  2. Congrat’s Beck and Rob – due to work we won’t unfortunately be able to make the wedding – enjoy your very special day!

  3. Best wishes Rob n Becks on your special day!

    To our hero’s from CF 4551 go smash it tomoz guys – something I’ll miss seeing too but I shall be thinking of you all. You will do awesome guys!

    Man shower team – you are a disgrace bahahhahah – I think you guys should be in the Guiness Book of records for the only men who have created such an event in honour of your women doing it hard to deliver your babies!

    and lastly to the team who’s gonna do this crazy WOD – have fun, gonna miss doing that too (not)

  4. not sure how much of tomorrow’s events i’ll get to be involved in now that i’ve pulled carer duty. In case i don’t see any of it-
    Congratulations again and best wishes Rob and Bek. I hope yr day’s all you’re hoping for!
    Good luck to the clash crew! I’m still hopeful i might get to cheer you guys on at least at some point in the day.
    Manshower boys make sure you survive to see the Christmas party! And congrats to Scotty T again on having such powerful swimmers!

    ENJOY 🙂

  5. Beck and Rob, have a great day, hope all goes smooth for you.

  6. Best wishes Rob & Beck for your special day.
    Happy man shower Scotty T.
    Good luck challengers

  7. What a day!!! Gooooo hard 4551 xfit crashers I wish I could be there to watch!!!!
    Beck and Rob rain hail or shine I hope your love for each other will always be Devine! Have a beautiful day with each other and your family and friends celebrating your commitment as a couple! X x 00 to you both. My daughter is competi g in state athletics in brassy today so can’t make it to eiither event.
    The man shower lads travel safe and come home in honor not dishonor u bad boys!!!
    Finally Mick u r nasty nasty nasty that WOD is torturous on the arms again after a nasty week I think I would have preferred to run in the rain!!!!

  8. P’.s sorry about the typo errors in a hurry to get the torture at the shed!!!

  9. Wishing you a very special day Rob and Beck, filled with memories you will both treasure forever, congratulations!!
    Good luck to the clashers and the shine boys, I’m sure you will all have a great time 🙂

  10. Congrats Rob and Bec have a great day. Good luck to every one going in the clash. Have a good one man shower boys catch ya all at the chrissy party tomorrow.