Team WOD, Saturday 21/03/2015

In teams of 2-3 complete the following:

For time:
100 Push press, 52.5kg (35kg)

*200m run, (penalty)

-As soon as the barbell is lowered from the front rack position, a penalty 200m run must be completed.
-The 200m penalty run does not count to the team score.

In this workout the main objective is to complete the 100 push press in your team as fast as possible. One athlete starts on the barbell, they continue to complete as many unbroken reps as possible without lowering the bar from the front rack position. When the bar is lowered from the rack position the penalty must be completed by only that athlete. The second team member takes the bar from the floor and continues the count for the team with the same sequence to follow once the bar is lowered. This will continue until all the 100 reps are completed, all penalties must be completed in full and team members must be in the box to call the team time.

Post load and time to comments.

3 Comments on “Team WOD, Saturday 21/03/2015

  1. thanks for letting me join in on your warm up cliffo

  2. Bahahahaha Leon I’m struggling after the ghd sit-ups now. Good to have a nice lite wod on a Saturday for a change