Team WOD, Saturday 23/07/2016


In pairs complete the following,

As many rounds as possible in 15mins of:
7m One arm overhead kettlebell lunge (Left), 24kg (16kg)
7m One arm overhead kettlebell lunge (Right)
14 Kettlebell swings, 24kg (16kg)
21 Jumping pull-ups

-Alternate stations with your partner e.g. Ath 1: KBL, Ath 2: KBS, Ath 3: JP then continue the sequence alternating rounds.
-Each station can only be completed by one team member, the change of stations can only happen when all reps are complete.
-One kettlebell, one load with only one athlete working at one time.
-For the jumping pull-up, the middle of the forearm should line up with the bar whilst standing extended underneath with your feet together.

Post load and team reps completed to comments.


3 Comments on “Team WOD, Saturday 23/07/2016

  1. Home wod 5 rounds of max sets. Ring rows, v ups, ring dips ,pull ups .

  2. Happy Birthday Smithy!!

    Home WOD

    20 RM Back Squat 70kg
    Deadlifts 90kg