Team WOD, Saturday 25/03/2017


In teams of 2-3 complete the following,

For time:
Run 1.6km
42 Clean and jerk, 70kg (50kg)
Run 800m
42 Clean and jerk,
Run 1.6km

Peter Egyed 21:00, Chad Wittman 21:46, Austin Malleolo 21:50, Rob Miller 28:11 (sq. clean), Michael Giardina 32:50 (sq. clean).

-All team members complete the run together though DO NOT have to wait for team members to get back before starting C&J reps.
-One bar, one load per team.
-Only one athlete from each team can complete C&J reps at one time.
-Team time is called when all athletes are back from final run.

Post load and team time to comments.

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