Team WOD, Saturday 29/10/2016

In teams of 2-3 complete the following,

Ascending ladder in 16mins of:
100m Farmers carry, 2x24kg (2x16kg) kettlebells
10 Alternating deadball cleans, 35kg (25kg)
100m Farmers carry
20 Alternating deadball cleans
100m Farmers carry
30 Alternating deadball cleans
And so on…

Continue the sequence for the allocated time.

-Only one team member completes the FC, athletes MUST rotate and rotation MUST stay the same.
-One set of bells and ball per team.
-Farmers carry is worth 10 reps each time it is completed, 5 reps if half completed at the end of the WOD.

Post loads and total reps completed to comments.


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