Team WOD Thursday 02/01/2014

In teams of 2 complete:


As many rounds as possible in 20mins:
1 Thruster 70kg (50kg)
3 Strict Pull-ups
6 Burpees
9 Deadlifts 70kg (50kg)
12 Sit-ups

Then at the rounds end complete a 40m Sled drag or push 70kg (50kg).


Only one athlete on one station can work at one time except for sled station. Stations must be completed in full by the athlete who started it before next athlete begins following exercise. The start of each round must be a change of athlete on first station. Both athletes must contribute in the sled either individually or together each round.


Post load/s, rounds and extras to comments.



4 Comments on “Team WOD Thursday 02/01/2014

  1. Will be opening box at 6.45am again for a 7am session for anyone interested in joining me. Feel free to choose your own partners for this one, preferably someone using roughly the same weight as yourself 🙂

  2. 7-8am
    Russ – 8+11 (40/50)

    Mick B
    Shano – 9+27 (70/70) mod

    Marty – 8+9 (50/70)

    Nadine – 6+7 rxd

    Corina – (40/40)
    Jen K – (20/20) 6+31+20m

    Stevo – 8+18 rxd

    Gilli – 7+6 (40/40)

    Cam – 5 rxd team
    Macdaddy – 5 rxd team + 2 individual rxd

    Ryno – 7+31+3m (50/50)

    Sue – 7 (30/30)

    Sam D 7+16 (40/40)

    Kendall ??

    Latchy 5 +16 rxd

  3. I’ll be heading in at 4 this arvo if anyone wants to come in for the wod

  4. 4pm
    Chazza 14+11 mod

    Aido 10+19 mod
    Sam.D skills
    Matty Mack skills
    Lock skills