Team WOD Tuesday 12/06/2012

Once again, due to the type of WOD for today we ask that everyone gets in early (20-30mins) so we are able to sort numbers, teams and give everyone the best opportunity to warm-up. This is probably even so more important to the guys in the 4.45pm session as we have the 6pm change over. We ask that the 6pmer’s that are able to come in early to get straight into the warm-up and get it completed and be ready for the briefing hopefully between (6-6.15pm). This will help us run more to scheduled times. We are also allowing athletes to make your own teams, if not you may be placed in a random team or individually. It would be great if you could post confirmation for your team or if you would prefer to complete WOD individually to the comments with the session time you are attending to help with an organised flow for tuesday’s WOD, thanks guys!!

Preferably teams of 4: (2 Men, 2 Women) modified version.

For time:
20 Muscle-ups while partner holds 100kg
60 Wall ball shots (10kg ball to 10′) while partner holds chin over the bar
30m Buddy and 32kg kettlebell carry
40 Box jumps, alternating on 24″ box
30m Buddy and 32kg kettlebell carry
2 Muscle-ups
20 Muscle-ups while partner holds 60kg
60 Wall ball shots (6kg ball to 10′) while partner holds chin over the bar
30m Buddy and 24kg kettlebell carry
40 Box jumps, alternating on 20″ box
30m Buddy and 24kg kettlebell carry
2 Muscle-ups

Post team time and load to comments.

We ask that everyone completing Tuesday’s WOD watch the video to avoid any queries/complications. All your questions will be answered right here!!

32 Comments on “Team WOD Tuesday 12/06/2012

  1. Hey guys I’ll be opening up the box at 4 this Arvo if anyone wants to come in and join for today’s wod

  2. I’ll be in for the team WOD for 9.15am sess – cheers!

  3. Mal and I will be in at 4.45pm session and are keen to do it as a team 🙂

  4. I’ll be in for 6 if shano chazza and Paula are keen to team up again

  5. Would love to have a crack at this individually but I’ll be happy to compete as a team if anyone needs to make up number
    Yeww see yous tomorrow at 4:45

  6. I’m keen to jump in a team for this wod at 4.45pm!!

  7. I’ll be in at 445 and keen to do it in a team 🙂

  8. 5.30am
    Team 1: 22.52

    Individuals efforts:
    Carlie 21.21
    Kurt.D 20.48 (1st muscle-up)

    Team 2: 28.04
    Karen (1st muscle-up)

    Team 3: 21.50

    Individual efforts:
    Sue DNF (40kg)
    Kristen 28.00 (70kg)

    Team 4: 29.14

    Team 5: 26.10

    Team 6: 18.59

    Individual efforts:
    Aido 21.34 (120kg)
    Ryno 23.18 (100kg)
    Call 21.09 (100kg)

    Team 7: 20.09

    Individual efforts:
    J.F.K 24.39 (140kg)
    Harro 25.30 (100kg)
    Flick 24.11 (40kg)
    Karen 20.08 ??

  9. Sorry im not in tonight – on child duty !! 🙁 Will see you all tomorrow night 🙂

  10. Awesome job morning crew! Well done to Kurt.D on getting his first muscle-up!!

  11. KAREN ORANGES DEEGAN IS MASSIVE. Determined any finally after months of progressions in muscelups she finally got a muscel up today. proud of of ya Deegan very proud

    • Hey Kazza that is awesome. You have been so determined to conquer the muscle up and all of your amazing determination has paid off.

      You are a machine – so wish I was there to see it. Beautiful muscle up Rhonda!!!!

      • Awesome karen !!!! Well done – finally all your hard work has paid off !! YAY 🙂

  12. Great work on the muscleups Kurt and Deegzy!!! You’re gonna have to put a bigger board up for muscleup club Mick!

  13. Yeah a big shout out to Karen on her 1st muscle-up this morning. Those of you that see her in the gym battling away day after day with that never give in attitude. Even with the structual challenges she has made no excuse to why a muscle-up would get in her way. Hopefully this inspires more of our girls to believe in themselves and to wan’t to get up in those rings because it’s moments like these that make Crossfit so rewarding as an athlete and coach.

    Well done Kurt.D an awesome achievement considering you have only been training for a couple of weeks also to Matty.F, Kurt.N and Pete for discovering muscle-ups again. Tonight is the night, who will be next??

    • Congratulations KD!! Milestone Accomplished, I’m sure you already have your sights on another.
      Btw, won’t be in tonite. Keep the home fires burning 6pm Crew!!

  14. Gilli’s wod 🙂 500m run, 2km row, 500m run, 2km bike, 500m run – 24.56 – may need a nap at my desk this afternoon…….

  15. Yewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Deegs! Congratulations, what an awesome effort!

  16. Karen you give 110% at everything you have got the heart of a lion and now a muscle up as strong as a Circus Olay performer!!!!! Well done you are an inspiration xoxox
    Well gone to Kurt you a a quite achiever with a never give up attitude well done.

  17. Did last nights 3 x 800m run and rest.
    3.00, 3.20, 3.30.
    Kazza so proud of you mate… wish I was there to see it…I can imagine there was a
    grin on everyone’s face once you got your MU.

    • Yeah Stevo – I was tickled pink mate.

      Cheers guys for all your wonderful comments / texts today felt pretty special. Thanks again….

      Never give up on ur GOALS!!!!

  18. Completed my workout for today-10 squats, 10 situps, 10 pushups by 10 rounds – time 11.39

  19. Well done to the guys that showed up and supported the team WOD today. So good to see everyone on the improve especially with muscle-ups.

    Great to see Lyndal get into the rings and press nearly all the way out to the top and unfortunately just missing that lockout at the top, that will only make you more determined Dal 😉 keep it up mate and u got this!!

    Well done Gill, Scotty.E and Stevo on your efforts today, keep posting!!

  20. Thanks Mick. Yeah I am pretty determined to get one locked out!

    Good on Lauren for carrying me and a 24kg kettlebell!

    • Awesome stuff dal! You’ll be up there soon enough 😉

  21. Would loved to have had a crack at this one! Looks awesome, great work to all who par took 🙂
    Equalled my pb on the C&J tonight! Jerk felt great too for 82.5 kegs!
    Shall see you all soon! 🙂