Team WOD Wednesday 29/06/2011 (Day 24 of 25)

For time:
As a team carry 2 tractor tyres and roll 1 grader tyre in a clockwise direction around the block.

Once tractor tyres leave the ground they must not be put down or allowed to touch any other object until they return to the paddock.

On the minute every three minutes every team member must perform 5 burpees (remembering the tyres may not touch the ground)

In the event of a tractor touching the ground or another object (such as a wall or street sign) each team member will be penalised 30 Jump Squats.

In the event of the grader tyre touching anything other than the ground (such as a wall or street sign) each team member will be penalised 30 Jump Squats.

Team members must stay within 10m of each other at all times.

Safe lifting practices must be adhered to at all times.

Penalty Jump Squats must be completed on returning to the box and before calling time.

Thanks to Crossfit 42 Degrees South for the idea for todays WOD!!

32 Comments on “Team WOD Wednesday 29/06/2011 (Day 24 of 25)

  1. Gonna have to explain this one to me real good mick ahah

  2. Mick u have finally lost it,u
    nless this is some sort of joke. The only rule the Commando would add would be no talking. I think I did something very similar to this at bootcamp so there would be no point in me doing it again.

  3. See u at 6 Michelle!!

    Fair chance we will be having words tomorra!!

  4. What a great workout!!!! I enjoyed that so much more that I was expecting. Awesome to see so many people at the early session. Great to do something out of the box for a change of pace. Team Morning Glory, you ROCK 🙂

  5. This sounds like a great workout, can’t wait, bring it on 🙂

  6. Was dreaming all night that I was rolling around the block (lying in middle of tyre – like a hampster on a wheel ha ha) I love to see these kinda crazy WOD’S. Keep em coming Mick!!

  7. umm :O ??????? who comes up with this stuff
    see you at 5! 🙂

  8. 5.45am
    Team “Morning Glory” 26.15 rxd

    Team “Grunters” 32.53 Rxd

    Team “5 O’clock Firebirds” 23.49 rxd

    Team “Brawl” 21.56 rxd

    Team “Never Quit” 32.40 rxd
    Mr Crossfit

    Team “True Blood” 28.20 rxd

  9. What a great WOD, heaps of fun!! Well done to team Morning Glory!!

  10. Great WOD today guys. It was excellent to work with the 6am squad, I think I now have honorary membership or the early club.! 🙂

    Not sure the young guns will be able to match the time tonight (even though we have already emptied the water from the tyres for you)….COME GET SOME!!!!!

    • Tommy, I didn’t have time to put more water in the tyres, but mother natured sorted it out for me 😉 It rained at 9am and made everything greasy for the 9.15ers, just like we had it! (except they had light!)

  11. Actually pumped for this wod tonight, love these crazy ones out of left field!!

    6pmer’s we need to start thinking of a crackin team name, see ya’s tonight, yewwwwwww!!!!

    • How about Team “Burnin’ Rubber” for the 6pm crew!

      Corina and I will see you all at 6.

      Start your engines!!!


  12. won’t be in can hardly walk.think i have a broken toe! spewing this would have been fun

  13. dont talk about the filthy fifty rob, you gotta show up first mate!
    dont cut your toe on a rock

  14. So its been awhile since i have posted a massive piece on here… so here goes!!!

    “If only” — don’t put those two words together. Refuse. Ban that combination from your lexicon.

    “If” is an okay word: “If I keep up this pace, I should be able to get ten rounds in 15 minutes.”

    “Only” is an okay word: “Only 5 more to go.”

    But together? “If only” is a loser’s phrase. A second-place finish. What people say when they didn’t win, or they didn’t perform up to their own expectations or their life is not turning out the way they want it to. “If only I had more sleep . . .” “If only I ate better . . . ” “If only I had studied harder . . .” “If only I had told her . . .”

    “If only” smells like regret. And regret isn’t going to help. Action is going to help. Resolve is going to help. Wherewithal is going to get you where you want to go.

    If you want to win, stop using loser language. The battle starts in your mind, then trickles out on your tongue: two places you have to win first, before you can win anywhere else. The gym (and life) is actually the third battlefield. Change your thinking and your language — and you got a better chance at changing your life.

  15. Well said Larns!!!!

    Thanks heaps guys for tonight what a great team we made, Ryan thanks heaps for backing up again what a champ u r, Totally enjoyed that one.
    Bring on the Filthy!!!
    Ps Welcome to crossfit Barbara!

  16. Great work guys, great to see every team getting through without putting down the tyre, an awesome show of physical and mental toughness today by all!!

    Thought ya mighta liked this one Spruce!!

    A Big Welcome to Barbara tonight!!

    And great to see big JFK back in the house tonight, look forward to havin u back next Tuesday mate!!

  17. Guys lets get in tomorrow and finish off the final day of the challenge!! Lets get a big turnout tomorrow, with an even bigger atmosphere than the first day of the challenge. Hang around and cheer on your mates, it’s been an awesome 25 days!!

    Remember Friday and Saturday morning are the days to get photos and measurements done!!

  18. Wow, what a way to start Crossfit!
    I really enjoyed the team work, filthy 50 tomorrow should be interesting!!

    Thanks for making me feel so welcome!!

  19. hang on is that bek in the pic not deegs??? ohhhh blimey its a tad confusing

  20. Hahahaha Larns, a few people have asked that. It’s Bek and Ryno!!

  21. ha ha Larns wish I looked as good as Becs from behind!
    Cant believe thats Ryno – WOW