Tuesday 03/01/2017, BOX CLOSED!!

Prepare yourself and get straight back into the swing of it. The longer you leave it the harder it always is to get going. For the guys that have NOT trained in a while, come in and just move!! Give yourself a starting point, don’t expect to be where you were and be patient getting back to that point and beyond.

1. Organise: Yourself, set alarms and ALWAYS schedule time for yourself. Give yourself every opportunity to be the best version of you that you could possible imagine.

2. Preparation: Sort your cupboards, pantries and fridges!! Clear out the crap from Christmas and replace it with real food and cold water. Prepare your meals in advance, know what your next 4-5 meals will be. Remember, you are what you eat and you can’t out train a SHIT diet!!

3. Application and attitude: Commit to becoming a better you!! Understand and accept that it is NOT easy and that there is always bumps in the road and hurdles you will face, but hey this is what life is all about. Take the good with the bad and if you get knocked down get back up, never give up!! Try look at every situation be good or bad with a positive mindset, you’d be surprised how much more happy and successful you will be. Remember, there are a lot more people out there doing it worse than what you might think you are doing at that time.

4. Have a crack: Don’t hold back!! Get amongst it and participate in the CFGO, enter a comp or an event, try new things, set new goals, play new sports and have an open mind. Eliminate the doubt and create SELF BELIEF, this is the foundation to a champion mentality and success. You get ONE shot at life, don’t die wondering but live it to the fullest 🙂

I look forward to seeing everyone back in the box in 2017, it will be the best year yet!!