WAR ON THE COAST!! 09/07/2011

Come on out and enjoy a Friendly War!!

8 Comments on “WAR ON THE COAST!! 09/07/2011

  1. just saw the wods. . . wish i could have talked to the team. . sorry just got home guys

  2. Go team 4551!!!!

    Unfortuately we can’t make it, but we’ll be there in spirit.

    Good luck to you all.

    Corina and Kurt.

  3. Ha ha Love the photo!

    Cheers Corina n Kurt – we will take lots of pics for you guys.

  4. Had a blast!! Thanks to all who took the time to set up such an Awesome day!! Congrats to the Wod Squad for taking out the trophy!! Looking forward to seeing everyone back at the box!!

  5. TOP DAY TODAY! Thanks to everyone

  6. Excellent day everyone. It was a great turnout and a great event.

    Well done WOD squad !! Roll on next year…

  7. On behalf of River City – thank you to everyone for such a great day. Well done to WOD Squad for their fantastic effort – such a pity we couldn’t have a real winner due to the missed wods.
    4551 has such a huge amount of talent – you guys are going to be dangerous next year at the Games! There were a heap of very impressive performances during the day. Mick – this is a real testament to your skills and passion as a trainer. I have decided that to be more competitive next time I’m going to reduce our swim training and increase our Crossfit training.
    Thanks to Dan and Dale for helping us out so much. You guys rocked.
    Thanks Cherise and Greg for handing over your place to us – our team loves you (especially as you let them sleep inside this time – I just hope you’re not trying to make them soft!!)
    Keep our trophy shiny for next time hey. We are planning our strategies already…