Whats your Goat??

The “Goat” concept is simple. A “Goat” is an exercise or movement you suck at, hate, or both. This can include anything from running, thrusters, handstands, or stretching your hamstrings. This point is, we should work harder at the things we suck at instead of always trying to improve what we’re already good at. Spending some time during your warm-up or cool-down to improve some of your “goats” will make a HUGE difference in how fast you progress!

8 Comments on “Whats your Goat??

  1. I love the GOAT concept, mind you I’ll be there all day now, ha ha ha.

    Cheers Mick

  2. My GOAT is snatch and overhead squats, my “unique” flexibility is slowly improving. I’m putting more time and effort into the stretches which help.

  3. Obviously another GOAT for many of us is EATING right…here’s some tips I found for those that are zoning:

    Top Ten Ways to Make the Zone Easier to Follow

    1. Make blocks in advance – Buy cheese, chicken, etc. and measure into 1, 2, 3 or 4 block servings to put in the fridge – this makes putting meals and snacks together on the fly much easier

    2. The freezer is your friend – Buy steak, chicken and fish in bulk and keep them on hand

    3. Cook enough for leftovers – Can you say BIG pot of my Turkey Chili? The meal that keeps on giving!

    4. Feeling Dazed and Hungry? Too much carbo at the last meal – re-adjust and try it again

    5. Feeling Alert and Hungry? Too much protein at your last meal – re-adjust and try it again

    6. Drink lots of Water – You’ll find this one in a few of the Top Ten lists because if you don’t stay hydrated you’ll have headaches and constipation – yuck!

    7. Take soda and juice out of your diet – These are two of the biggest culprits in the “lowfat” (get-fat) world we live in, but cut these out and you’re on your way

    8. “Pseudo-Count” P&C and let the Fat measure itself – If you’re not comfortable counting blocks right away, ease into it by having roughly equal blocks of P&C with a few nuts or a little olive oil

    9. Keep a Zone Bar with You – For emergencies it’s recommended to have Balance Bars, but there are also PR Bars, ZonePerfect Bars and a few others

    10. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – Stress is NOT one of the goals of zoning, so don’t go crazy stressing over everything