WOD 18/01/11

5 Rounds for time:
Run 500m
7 Thrusters 60kg (40kg)

Post load and time to comments.

“The Motorboaters” You guys ROCK!!

14 Comments on “WOD 18/01/11

  1. Sweet!! Looking forward to burning some serious calories, bring on the cardio!!

  2. 5.45am
    Tommy 18.17 (50kg)
    Paula 19.57 (25kg)
    Olivia 16.17 (6kg, 3rds)
    Mim 16.23 (25kg mod)
    Cyn 16.29 (20kg, mod)

    Richo 20.55 (42.5kg)
    Lynda 21.57 (20kg) mod-400m run
    Trina 22.47 (30kg) mod-400m run
    Cliff skills
    Shano.G 14.40 (30kg) Welcome
    Karen 20.39 (30kg) mod-Front squat

    10.15am Intro
    Aoi Welcome
    Amy Welcome

    Ryan R 18.41 (25kg,400m)
    Matty F 16.48 (40kg)
    Lachlan 17.31 (30kg)
    Ryan C 14.10 (30)

    Lyndal 18.02 RXD
    Mel 23.59 (30kg)
    Lee 18.09 (40kg)
    Albert 19.59 (40kg)
    Nipples 23.06 (30kg)
    Nicole 22.20 (5kg DB)
    Lara 15.49 (20kg,mod)
    Paul 16.47 (30kg)
    Brucey 24.43 RXD

    Gillian 13.18 (25kg,mod)
    Larns 22.51 RXD
    Blakey 18.18 (30kg,mod)
    Casie 22.31 (20kg,400m)
    Dale 16.15 (40kg)
    Amy 19.16 (6kg)
    Smokin Joe 14.56 (50kg)
    Tanya 20.53 (25kg)
    Rob 18.22 (40kg)

  3. Hell of a wod!! Awesome effort 6 oclock crew. Cheers for the vocal encouragement Nick, got me through those thrusters. Rxd next time for sure!!

  4. no problem smokin! great last effort mate.
    and LARNS! you said you couldnt do it, but once again you proved yourself wrong, top effort chick!

  5. Thanks heaps Nick wouldnt of done it without you pushing me(even though i hated you at the time) thanks also to Rob for running the last 500m with me and making me sprint helped a heap….