WOD Thursday 6/1/11




For time:
30 Snatch 60kg (40kg)

Post load and time to comments.

12 Comments on “WOD Thursday 6/1/11

  1. Am REALLY hoping to be well enough to come in and do this one. Snatch is a major lifting goat of mine!

  2. 5.45am
    Lauren 35kg/4.49(30kg)
    Jayden 40kg(p.s)/4.36(35kg)

    8am .com
    Thrusters 42.5kg


    Mick 3.58 rxd
    Cliff 8.08 rxd

    Shaun 60kg/7.21 rxd
    Janeah 7.31 (mod)
    Scotty.T 37.5kg/3.18 (32.5kg)
    Matt 45kg 5.24 (45kg)
    Lachlan.F Tech/5.00 (20kg) Welcome
    Richo 37.5kg/4.12 (27.5kg)

    Prince 30kg/2.58 (30kg)
    Lee 30kg/3.34 (30kg)
    Trina 35kg
    Paul Tech 6kg/1.36 (40kg)
    Lock stock 35kg/2.39 (40kg)
    Dale 35kg/2.28(40kg)

    Nick 72.5kg/4.07 Rxd
    Mel 20kg/4.01 (20kg)
    Lyndal 45kg/3.11 Rxd

    Tanya Tech/2.22 (20kg)
    Joe 37.5kg/2.40 (40kg)
    Rob Tech/3.16 (40kg)
    Beck 20kg/3.39 (22.5kg)
    Ryno Tech/1.42(20kg)
    Lynda Tech/4.47 (20kg)
    Bulldog 32.5kg/3.32(50kg)
    Lara Tec/4.55 (20kg)
    Gillian Tech
    Alana 20kg/3.42 (25kg)

  3. Awesome work Shauno, a great achivement to rxd “Isabelle”. Janeah well done on doing a workout after the knee popped out. Some great improvements by all, Well done guys!

  4. Feeling halfway human. Will probably be in this afternoon!!

  5. here you go Cliffo found ur soul mate… Britt : I need a rx’d man, lol
    Age: 31 years or how about ” the couple that jerks together stays together” (sounds promising)even better ” I date for time not AMRAP

  6. Thats awesome Larns, is there a 40 year old on there for Zanki. I seriously think it’s time he settled down with someone mature.

    Cliffo she is perfect, i think she would find that mankini a turn on!!

  7. Thanks mick, was stoked I could keep going with a modified workout u gave me. Feeling the knee the next day but! Hopefully you’ll be able to modify my next workout?!