WOD Friday 01/07/2011

Behind the Neck Power Jerk

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Congratulations to our PB Champion of the month, Tommy!!

Tommy’s PB’s for the month include:
*Split Jerk 80kg
*Double Unders
*Back Squat (1’s) 120kg
*Press (1′s) 62.5kg
*‘CF Total’ 4.28%
*Sumo Deadlift 160kg (3′s)
*‘Fran’ 5.44 rxd
*’Filthy 50′ 31.27 rxd (-2mins)

Our monthly winners will now take home a gift voucher to the value of $70 for a one hour massage with Penny from “The Massage Room”. Anyone who has been there will tell you how amazing she is!! Previous winners are eligible so keep those PB’s coming 4551ers!! Enjoy Tommy!!

27 Comments on “WOD Friday 01/07/2011

  1. Awsome job Tommy, Welldone 🙂

    not gonna come in tomorrow Mick, I’ll take Fri and Sun as my rest days and come in on Sat.

  2. wow – awesome achievements tommy – well done ! 🙂

  3. Definately deserved it mate, well done bud!!

    Whats that little thing on his face??

  4. Well done tommy, well deserved mate, you have definitely been the top old dog in the crowd and your pushing us teeeeny boppers harder, congrats mate!

  5. Yeah TOMMY! Your are powering through CrossFit mate – love ya work buddy. Your doing amazing things with your passion and commitment. So well deserved!

  6. Well done Tommy. Your efforts have been outstanding!! Congrats

  7. Good on you Tommy, it all pays out in the end 🙂

  8. Super effort Tommy! Keep up the great work. Looking forward to seeing ya early next Wednesday again 😉

  9. Cliffy, you’ve lost your title for the day – it now goes to Lauren. What an awesome effort this morning Lauren. You are constantly massive!

    • Hahaha thanks Megan and to all the crew this morning! What a great session that was. Something different is always good!

      Great to see you Karen at 5.45am please do it again soon. We all love your company and bad language 🙂

      • it wasn’t me – its the little voices in my head screaming it – jeeze can’t believe you heard it too

  10. 5.45am
    Lauren 40-62.5kg
    Megan 30-42.5kg
    Alan 30-37.5kg
    Cyn 25-33.5kg
    Paul 30-55kg
    Karen 32.5-47.5kg (Hang Cleans)

    Lynda 37.5-55kg
    Rob 52.5-62.5kg
    Cherise 40-55kg
    Sheree 25-35kg
    Richo 55-70kg
    Lockstock 60-80kg
    Beck.L 37.5-50kg
    Adam 40-60kg
    Dale 80-100kg
    Wog 70-90kg
    Aido 60-77.5kg
    Scotty.T 55-70kg

  11. Hey Thanks everyone, A little surprised to see it because there has been so many of you smashing it this month. Looking forward to the massage though 🙂 . excellent idea Mick.

    Well done everyone on the challenge and I look forward to seeing the results tomorrow.

    Got to hand it to everyone, the atmosphere in the box is gettin better and better and it just makes you wanna switch of that dam PC and get to next session..

  12. goood job old man 🙂 ill have your massage for you (: thanks!

  13. The 25 day challenge is finished and I have my results:
    Chest=no change
    Navel= lost 9.5cm
    Hips= lost 7cm
    Quad= lost 3.5cm
    Upper arm= lost 2.5cm
    Weight= lost 3kg
    Really happy with my results and have seen a big improvement in my training and mental attitude. 25 days was just what I needed to kickstart my nutrition. Shame I can’t make it tonight to the dinner cos of work, but might have a couple of quiet beers tomorrow at the man-shower to celebrate.
    Thanks Mick, you get out the best in everyone!

    • Scotty T that is friggin awesome mate – Instead of having a COUPLE of quiet beers in BrisVegas you should maybe think of shopping to buy some new clothes thats some cm’s you’ve lost from navel n hips! wooooooohooooooo

  14. Well done Dad! 🙂
    now you can give me the Massage