WOD Friday 04/01/2013

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
8 Ring dips
10 Box jumps, 24″ (20″)
42.5kg (30kg) Overhead walking lunge, 12 steps

Post load and rounds completed to comments.

20 Comments on “WOD Friday 04/01/2013

  1. Hey 4551er’s!!
    2013!! Great time for setting some new goals and fresh challenges. Wodstock Final, CF Open, Tough Mudder to name a few. Got me thinking about trying something I have never done before. Triathlon!! Being a Big Dog, lifting heavy stuff is second nature. Cardiovascular Endurance is not. So I am embarking on a personal challenge of participating in a Half Ironman by the end of the year. Crazy?? Yes. Achievable?? Definately!! However I want to test the water before diving in so I have done a little googling and have found that the Caloundra Triathlon is being held on the 3rd of February. 1 month from today!! It is a nice short distance perfect for a 1st time Tri. 400m swim, 15km cycle and 4km Run. It is held on the Golden Beach Esplanade area and entry is around $70. I am keen as mustard to give it a shot and just want to give anyone else who might be interested in joining me the opportunity to participate in what I reckon will be a cracker of a day. I will be donning the 4551 colours for the event and I reckon it would be Awesome to get as many of us down there with gear on to promote the best CrossFit Box on the Coast. So who wants to Come Get Some??!!

    • Onya Smoke, great to see your new focus for 2013, either way we will have an army there to support u when u charge out of the water in your green 4551 speedos, Joseph “the Hoff” Braund!!! Maybe “BN” Davis and “Abs” Hindmarsh will join u!?! Both of them love the spotlight and have the experience…

      • Normally this would be something Al and I would jump on, but we’ll be doing our weightlifting course that weekend – so we can lift heavy shit like you Smoke 😉 But we’ll be there in spirit big guy. You go get some!

      • Cheers Coach!! The Support would be Awesome. This is not going to be an easy task for an Ex NLFK!! Ya reckon Cliffo would join us?? Come on Big Nuts!! 😉

    • Oh, my NY”s resolution was to stop being so hard on myself, so I’m all challenged out at present with what we’ve got on, plus I have too much peer pressure from Sue trying to make me do Tough Mudder and now friends want me to fly down to sydney for Spartan Race…. What’s with all these motivated people I have around me !!! it’s like it’s contagious or something 😉

  2. H’MMMMMM Thinking I suck at swimming is there Bay Watch? And hope you doing Tough Mudder at 10am on the 17th because we need that spirit actually I need it to get through it or start it!!!:)

  3. Count me in smokin, always wanted to do one and starting swimming training on wed nights, woot woot

      • Hi Mr Shakespeare/Joe I’m going to come get some and give it a shot!!!!! I would be very proud to stand beside you in the 4551 colours!!! If you will have an old fossil with you guys? If so, and if my coach gives me the thumbs up? I will sign up tomorrow! I will be in need of a road bike if anyone could lend me one? Anyway time to think outside the square!! Year of new beginnings!!:)
        The End

        • Onya Sue!! I would be humbled. Will be a great warm up for your first Tough Murder in August!! I too need to find a bike for the event. Will talk to you 2moro morning at the box, you in at 8am right??

  4. 6.00am
    Alan 6+10 (30) mod
    Megzi 6+19 (25)
    Justin S 7 (30)
    Kelly 6 (6)
    Sue 6+8 (12) mod
    Lisa 5+8 (12)
    Martin 4+12 (20)
    Paula 3+3 rxd
    Tommy 6+8 rxd
    Livdogs 6 (20)
    Lynne 5+15 (25)
    Hayley 5+17 (25)
    Cathy 6 (12)
    Ellen 5+18 (20)
    Brucey 4+8 rxd
    Brooke 6+8 (25)
    Jaymee 6 (12) welcome back!
    Mel P 6+9 (25)

    7.30am (Intro)
    Jen Welcome
    Adam Welcome

    Cliffo 8+4 rxd
    Mick 9rds rxd
    Aido 9+12 rxd
    Wog 8+18 rxd
    Keiffy 7+3 rxd
    Simmo 5+10 rxd
    Tracy 6+1 (mod)
    Matty.F 6+8 rxd
    Heidi 5+6 (12kg)
    Gilli 5+20 (20kg)
    Randy 5rds rxd
    Mitch 5rds (30kg)
    J.F.K 7+3 rxd
    Harro 5+12+4 rxd
    Tanners 5+20 (12kg)
    Smokin 6+6 (30kg) mod
    Mullski 5+24 (20kg)
    Dal 4+24 rxd
    Corina 5+8 (25kg)
    Pete 4+6 rxd
    Bianca 4+14 (30kg)
    Suz 5+5 (25kg)
    Nick.H 8+17 rxd
    Richo 4+15 (30kg)
    Sarah 5+20 (12kg)

  5. Sorry guys haven’t posted been living the dream up in the daintree what an amazing place Thursday wod 1k beach run then 4 rounds of 500m beach sprints with burpees push-ups sit-ups and rock jumps cheers see you’s next Wednesday

  6. Rest day yesterday-today’s workout was 4 rounds of 500m run, 500m row and a 500m bike – time 24.02 (by the way that is a pretty good looking guy running up Arthur street-I think that picture was taken just before my heart came out of my chest!!!)

    • Haha Big Dawg!! Lookin good buddy. Nice Wod btw!! Hurry Home. 😉