WOD Friday 05/08/2011

Run 1.6km
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
Run 1.6km

For time

Post time to comments.

Congratulations to Ryno on July’s PB Champion of the month and winning himself a 1 hour massage, valued at $70. Well done mate, a very deserving effort!!

Here are Ryno’s ahievements for the month of July!!
*Front Squats (3′s) 70kg
*“Daniel” 17.10 rxd (first hero rxd)
*5km run 20.20
*Bar Muscle Up
*“Filthy 50″ 29.00 rxd
*Squat Clean 63.5kg
*Press 47.5kg
*Push Press (3′s) 58.5kg
*“Tabata Something Else” 46 rxd
*Push Jerk 50kg
*Deadlift (1′s) 122.5kg
*“Isabel” 3.17 (30kg)

34 Comments on “WOD Friday 05/08/2011

  1. Guys a reminder that todays 4pm Open session will be held as a normal daily WOD session. All other sessions as per normal and the 4pm Open gym will resume Friday next week.

  2. yesssssssssss me and murph have unfinished business

  3. Happy B.D/P.B Month Ryno!! You are CrossFIT. Congratulations Mate, Well Deserved!! See ya Tomo Nite for a Beer with Murph!! The Cherry on your Cake for the Month!!
    P.S. Can I pick that Cherry… ;)

    • Onya Ryno, top Job bro!! As for murph…. I have nothing to say other than see you at 9:15 with tape!!

  4. Well done ryno, awesome achievements this month! :-) great pic too :-)

  5. Good job ryno! That’s getting it done.
    Looking forward to murph at 9:15 tomorrow!

  6. Congrats Ryno – so well deserved mate – ur an Animal!!!, that’s putting it nicely, and look forward to seeing u tear apart Murph.

    Spewing I can’t do this – would so love it!

  7. 5.45am
    Lauren 40.00 rxd
    Jayden 32.00 mod
    Alan 24.02 mini
    Megan 43.37
    Tommy 46.51 mod

    Rob 44.36 rxd
    Kristan 27.17 (mod)
    Lock Stock 38.35 rxd
    Adam 48.50 rxd
    Paul – skills
    Scotty T 60.43 rxd
    Sheree (CF Mom) 23.17
    Beck C 28.22 (mod)

    Ryno 29.11 rxd
    Lee 51.33 rxd
    Karen – Skills
    Brendan 34.29 (mini murph)
    Kurt 52.29
    Dale 47.48 rxd
    Cliff 43.26 rxd
    Mel 59.42 rxd
    Lyndal 54.39 rxd
    Alli 23.40 (mini murph)

    Corina 45.00
    Brucey 41.32 rxd
    Tanners 34.15 (mini murph)
    Gilli 34.15 (mini murph)
    Shano C 29.33 rxd
    Smokin 43.56 rxd
    Beck L 38.16 (mod)
    God 22.10 (mini murph)

  8. So glad I did that one – just wish I could do rxd pushups :( Lauren, YOU ROCK!!! Awesome effort, will take a lot to beat that time. Well done to all the am crew.

  9. Well done Ryno fantastic effort. I’m not coming i this afternoon, i have to give my back a rest, not happy !@#$%^#$%^$##$%$ :(

  10. Congratulations Ryno!!!
    No wonder the board is so crowded with all those PBs you’re pulling off! :)

    If tiday’s WOD was a week long summit, me and Murph would still have unfinished business!

  11. Awesome time lozza.. You will beat alot of the guys times haha

  12. Cheers guys. Thanks to Mick for his coaching and everything you do at 4551. And thanks to everyone at the box that I learn off and push me ever night. Think I will need that massage after tonight. Ps those front squat 3 s were 70 kg that would be my crap hand writing on the board. Catch you all tonight.

    • Enjoy your sesh with Penny. I went today and she is brilliant!!

  13. Great effort this month Ryno. You have done outstanding things lately. Well deserved!!

    Great to see everyone this morning for Murph!! It was a toughy but a good one.


    • Kick arse time Lauren, well done especially at that time in the morning! You’re awesome!

  14. That’s it, I will be in but I have to sub the running. See you at 5.30pm :)

  15. YEAH RYNO!!! You are tearing shit apart, well done!!

    Massive effort and time Lauren, youll be showing up a few of the boys I think :)

    • Hahahha, Shano! I will be there to have one with ya and cheer em on today. It was a fun work out! ;)

  16. Hey Ryno,
    Congratulations on being the PB champion. It is certainly well deserved. You have achieved some amazing results.

  17. To Locky and Rob Thanks heaps for counting me at the end of my Murph, Corina:)

  18. congratulations ryno :) well deserved mate!
    well done to everyone that did murph today!

    • bahahhahahhah nice one Shano – Charlotte I’m eager to hear your reply he he he

      • oooops sorry that was supposed to come from me – I was on Mick computer ha ha