WOD Friday 07/08/2012

“Tabata Something Else”

Complete 32 intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by ten seconds of rest where the first 8 intervals are pull-ups, the second 8 are push-ups, the third 8 intervals are sit-ups, and finally, the last 8 intervals are squats. There is no rest between exercises.

Post total reps from all 32 intervals to comments.

Another great success story, we would love to hear how Crossfit has helped/changed you??

13 Comments on “WOD Friday 07/08/2012

  1. Crossfit has made me a happier person, it’s given me inspiration to achieve things I never thought I could do. It has also given me the mental toughness to believe that I can overcome anything that stands in my way. Crossfit has given me the drive to better myself as an athlete, a coach and a person. Safe to say that without it and you guys of the 4551, I would be a different person on a different path. I’m greatful that wogboy got me started, and am greatful for mick all the people I have met through this amazing community.

    Thanks crossfit and thanks crossfit 4551!

  2. I thank Kristen for telling me about 4551 I was feeling flat unfit yuk!!! Mick and 4551 are making me believe in myself and giving me courage to try things I never thought I could do!! Crossfit is changing my life and making me a stronger,fitter,happier wife, mother, daughter, friend!! I can’t thank Mick,Karen,Cliff and all of the 4551 crew for just being beautiful people that really give a damm!! Best thing I have ever done 4551 Love it thankyou.

  3. 5.30am
    Shano.G 247 rxd
    Lauren 380 rxd
    Alan 397 rxd
    Megan 287 rxd
    Kurt.H 419 rxd
    Tommy 345 rxd
    Paula 264 rxd
    Penny 251
    Lynne 241 rxd
    Cathy 262
    Carlie 206
    Hayley 224 rxd

    Cliffo 357 rxd
    Ryno 442 rxd
    Pauly 258 rxd
    Sue 236
    Corina 173 rxd
    Brucey 250 rxd
    MacDaddy 312 rxd
    Harro 336 rxd
    Mel.P 250 rxd

    Karen 391 rxd
    Alan Row 348 (skills)
    Chazza 323 rxd
    Rob 333 (mod)
    Beck 324 rxd
    Aido 343 (mod)
    Chase 329 rxd
    Tanners 269
    Heidi 233
    Lyndal 326
    Kurt 275 rxd
    Mal 295 rxd
    Keiffy 262 rxd
    Stu 364 rxd
    J.F.K. 380 rxd
    Lauren skills
    Smokin 302 rxd

  4. Lockstock you almost brought me to tears – awesome mate!

    Here’s how CrossFit 4551 has helped change me – The Below 10 general physical skills (which were introduced to the CrossFit Community by Greg Glassman) just about sum it up for me – to add a bit more on them you will see the added mental explanation alongside it as I have mentally/emotionally realised these aren’t just Physical skills they also pertain towards my mental being as I lack the physical capacity to produce power/strength as effective as I’d like to and through this I’ve learn’t to become mentally stronger and I’m excited to know that I will continue on a daily basis to enhance and improve my mental capacity with these 10 Physical Skills. This coupled with the wisdom and motivation/belief from Mick is what’s helped change my life.

    Endurance: The ability to maintain belief in self and others.

    Stamina: The ability to create and maintain intense mental effort, focus and resilience.

    Strength: The ability to maintain resolve of decision.

    Flexibility: (1) The ability to independtely choose an emotional reaction to a wide range of external circumstances. (2) The ability to apply versatile methods to the accomplishment of a fixed goal.

    Power: (1) The ability to encourage self and others in the pursuit of a worthy goal. (2) The ability to immediately generate an intense state of motivation and positive expectancy.

    Speed: The ability to make immediate command decisions in the face of opposition, challenge and uncertainty.

    Coordination: The ability to invoke the most productive emotional response at a given time and place.

    Agility: (1) The ability to support the needs of others while ensuring personal goals and challenges are fulfilled. (2) The ability to respond to envoirnment and cirsumstance with deliberate attitudes and beliefs so as to achieve a desired end state.

    Balance: (1) The ability to maintain individual physical, mental and emotional wellness. (2) The ability to maintain a state of mind or attitude regardless of external stimuli.

    Accuracy: (1) The ability to set and achieve specific goals. (2) The ability to listen and correctly identify internal thoughts, emotions and energies.

    CrossFit 4551 crew you all should be so proud have far you have come and changed!!!


    • You never cease to amaze me KD. Your commitment to our Crossfit Community is second to none. Your continued drive to achieve and your unyielding will to improve is inspirational. You are without a doubt the most positive human being I have ever met. It is a privilage to train with you and an honor to call you a friend.

      • Mr Smokin!!!!! You are truly gifted with words I have missed your comments!!! Mr Smokin Shakespeare good to see you back on the comments!! So true Karen is my hero a true inspiration and a bloody good person!!!!

  5. hey guys did this one in the park due to little a’s bein back on got 324rxd

  6. Thank you for proving me right Ryno you are machine and well done for keeping in shape whilst you are working away.

    …FYI Chase was asking if Ryno was keeping fit and I said yeh wait until tomorrow!!