WOD Friday 07/10/2011

Turkish Get-Up
Right Hand 1-1-1-1
Left Hand 1-1-1-1


21-15-9 Reps for time:
Turkish Get-Up 20kg (12kg)
Sots Press 20kg (12kg)

Post loads and time to comments.

11 Comments on “WOD Friday 07/10/2011

  1. Yip….my legs are cooked!! I’ll say it again….mick your so evil!! 😉

  2. Oh Mick, my legs are ruined…… I thought Crossfit was all about functional movement? I’m currently struggling to function at all !! 😉

  3. HTFU princesses Bahhahahahhah! That was a great WOD tonight, my inside thighs are raw.

    p.s I’d climb a rope anyday for that guy on the Video yeeewwwwwwwww!

  4. 5.45am (In order of Right-Left)/WOD
    Lauren 27.5-20/17.08 rxd
    Megan 22.5-21/17.05 rxd
    Shano.G 32.5-30/15.04 rxd

    Nick.Z 45-35/9.31 rxd
    Aido 30-30
    Bec.C 21-21/DNF
    Lynda 25-25/14.20 rxd
    Kurt 40-40/15.05 rxd
    Rob 27.5-27.5/12.51 (mod)
    Brenno 30-22.5/13.57 (mod)
    Louise 6-5/16.07 (mod)
    Kristen 20-12/18.04 rxd

    Chazz skills
    Livdogs skills
    Paula 17.00 (mod)
    Tommy Skills
    Rynos Snatch
    Tamara Skills
    Brenno Skills
    Mick Skills
    Richo OHS (3’s) 47.5kg

    Corina 6-6/13.09 (6kg)
    Gill 20-20/14.10 rxd
    Babs 20-20/12.36 rxd
    Tanners 20-20/16.12 rxd
    Cliff 25-25/15.05 rxd
    Brandoss 45-40/10.15 rxd
    Ryno 25-22kg
    Jess 20-12/DNF
    Matty.F 35-32.5/14.20 rxd

  5. Hey Mick, the boys in the workshop want to know if you’re going to give Dinasaw a calendar for Chrissy? 🙂

  6. hahaha Megan, good idea but he would probably prefer an all male calender, w*nk*r!!

  7. Really enjoyed that one!! Legs are burning now tho!! 😉 have a good weekend all!!

  8. Couldn’t walk today without knees collapsing from 300 plus squats but managed to rxd today’s Turkish thingees woohooooo!!!!

  9. Oh my mmmmmmmm yummmm can he come visit Crossfit 4551 as a guest demonstrator!!! That dude on the video is delicious !!! Our demo boys arn’t bad either!!!