WOD Friday 07/12/2012

Front Squat

Post loads for each to comments e.g. 80/70/80/60/80/50kg

13 Comments on “WOD Friday 07/12/2012

  1. 5.30am
    Alan 80-70-100-55-100-40
    Jacob 25kg (5×10)
    Ellen 35/30/37.5/25(2)/40/20(2)
    Carlie 30/25/40/25(2)/45/20
    Lynne 65/50(2)/55/35/55/30
    Corina 60/50/65/40/65/40
    Stu 100/80/100/65/100/50
    Shano.C 70/60/75/45/75/30
    Cathy 30/25/40/25(2)/45/20
    Bryce 60/50/65/45/65/40
    Fiona 20-25kg (3×10) 30-35kg (2×5)
    Issy 20-25kg (3×10) 30-35kg (2×5)

    Cliffy 90/60/90/50/90/40
    Aido 90/60/90/50/80/40
    Rory 90/70/90/55/90/45
    Wog 90/70/90/55/90/45
    Bianca 110/90/110/70-60/100/40
    Chazza 70/50/60/Tech
    Livdogs Tech
    Sue 45/35/50/30/50/25(2)
    Jenny.B 50/40/50/35/50/30
    Shelbs 50/40/50/35/50/30(3)
    Richo 50/50(2)/47.5/40(2)/47.5/35(2) Press&Push Press
    Mel.P 80/60/80/50/80/40

    Hayley 55/45/60F/37.5/55/35(2)
    Paul.R 20-50 (5×5)
    Simmo 50/50/60/50/40 (mod)
    Juicy 80/70/85/55(3)/F
    Chase 90/70/85/55/80/40
    Mick skills

    Corey Tech
    Randy 100/60/100/50/100/40
    Michelle 65/45/65/35/65/30
    Tamara 30/20/30/20/30/20
    Suz 50/35/55/30/50/25
    Karen 65/45/65/40/60/30

  2. Great numbers in this morning !
    Good to see issy and Fiona back in!!

  3. Congrats to all the PBs this morning well done to Shelby for smashing her PB for ones by 10kg and also for taking control of her asthma and showing it who’s the boss you were awesome kid keep it up you a going great guns!!:) Sorry to Jenny B I just didn’t want to put it down!!

  4. Work wod. Strength . Back squats and bench press 5-3-1’s . Have a good time at the Chrissy party tomorrow everyone .spewing I won’t be home for it.

  5. Good to hear you are feeling ok Ryno and kicked that bug to the kirb!! We will eat plenty of salad for you!!!!:)

  6. Thanks sue means a lot! Really appreciate it!
    Great to see issy and fiona!!! Yay yay!!