WOD Friday 08/07/2011

Snatch Balance

Complete 10 Turkish Get-ups (Alternating Arms) between sets.

(Turkish Get-ups are performed with a Kettlebell)

Post load to comments.

Crossfit 4551 biting at the bit for Saturday’s WAR ON THE COAST!!

18 Comments on “WOD Friday 08/07/2011

  1. Hahaha great photo, I was wondering why Aido had war paint on lol

  2. hahhahaha god we dont half have some good photos on here. ! 🙂

  3. Great efforts this morning Shano and Megan!

    So pumped to kick butt tomorrow at WAR! BRING IT ONNNNN 🙂

    p.s Happy Birthday Jayden!

    • Happy birthday Jayden. Looking forward to seeing you at another early session soon. Hope you have had a great day.

  4. To the hottest Team: Team 1…..
    I have written up a couple of team name suggestions and even a chant. Hope some of you will be at the 4pm session today, they are kinda gay though so dont laugh at me 🙂

    • Excellent Tanya..I also did a Spreadsheet to look at and get organised…see ya at 4pm

      • Hey great work team! Any chance we can meet here (my house) at 9am so we can put together our WOD teams? We should also do some work on our winners’ speech.

        • hey Cherise, Sorry I couldnt make it this arvo, but I will try get there at 9am.. I dont have much energy at the moment, got a lot going on and I cant eat so im not feeling to well, but ill give it my best shot 🙂

          • You’ll be awesome Larns – don’t worry!

  5. Good luck to you all tomorrow, have fun, hope there will be someone taking a lot of photos or someone filming it, go Crossfit 4551

  6. Workout at Hayman Island:
    Morning session 20min of Beck’s Crazy moves + 50 Situps + 50 Pushups. COMPLETED
    Evening Session 21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6 and 3 of Burpees, Knees to Elbows on floor, Back Ext. on floor. COMPLETED 12.51 min

  7. Remember to bring water, drinks, either nibblies or salad, strapping tape, weightlifting boots, wrist straps and war paint tomorrow. Athletes try to be their no later than 9.00am.