WOD Friday 10/06/2016


Individually or completed in a team of 2-3,

Five rounds for time of:
Run 800m
5 Rope ascents, (15ft)
50 Push-ups

Russell Berger 36:36, David Millar 40:00, Kristan Clever 46:40, Rebecca Voigt 48:33.

-If completed in a team, both athletes complete run then accumulate reps however between team members.
-Reps do not have to be evenly distributed.
-Only take the WOD solo if you are an experienced, conditioned athlete that is capable of finishing the workout within a reasonable time.
-New or experienced athletes will have the WOD chopped down.

Post time or team time to comments.

5 Comments on “WOD Friday 10/06/2016

  1. Yay! ‘Cent for those pesky rope climbs I used to be able to do.

  2. Island WOD

    3x 500m run in sand
    5x 25 push ups
    5x 25 squats