WOD Friday 10/07/2015

Matty with a PB back squat!!

Back squat

Post start and heaviest successful loads to comments.



9 Comments on “WOD Friday 10/07/2015

  1. Never any doubt. Glad you didnt post the photi of grabbing my kettbells

  2. Cracking morning with almost 50 through so far!!

    So good to see our mate Chazza back in the box today, back squatting like she’d never left!

    Well done to all the fantastic PB’s that were achieved today, sooooo many!!!

    • Awh thanks Mick! I’m sure I’ll be feeling it tomorrow but I will be there! I’ve missed 4551!

  3. We couldn’t make it this morning due to holiday preparations (tough gig) so my home WOD…
    6x 3 BS
    20/25/30/35/40/45/45 🙂

  4. Thank you Mick. ,Lynne and Cliff for your help and encouragement this am appreciate 🙂

  5. Any time Sue, well done on your lifts today!!

    Also well done and cheers to Val on her big one year anniversary at CF 4551. Your first session consisted of 20 inch box squats and today hit 3’s for 47.5kg at full range on her Back squat. Congrats Val 🙂

  6. I’m out for a few days guy’s. Have put something out and can’t move at the moment.