WOD Friday 13/07/2012

For time:
15 foot Rope climb, 5 ascents
65kg (47.5kg) Clean and jerk, 5 reps
15 foot Rope climb, 4 ascents
75kg (52.5kg) Clean and jerk, 4 reps
15 foot Rope climb, 3 ascents
85kg (57.5kg) Clean and jerk, 3 reps
15 foot Rope climb, 2 ascents
92.5kg (65kg) Clean and jerk, 2 reps
15 foot Rope climb, 1 ascent
102kg (70kg) Clean and jerk, 1 rep

Post load and time to comments.

It’s not as bad as it looks, thanks for adjusting me Sue 😉

12 Comments on “WOD Friday 13/07/2012

  1. 5.30am
    Hulk 13.54 rxd
    Shano.G 22.07 (47.5-70kg)
    Megan 16.05 (25kg across)
    Alan 15.12 (47.5kg across)
    Carlie 17.40 (20-30kg)
    Cathy 14.52 (20-32.5kg)
    Hayley 18.59!(30-35kg)
    Penny 10.32 (12kg across)
    Lynne 18.20 (30-42.5kg)
    Stu 19.30 (47.5-70kg)

    Mick 16.50 rxd
    Matty.F 25.25 (65-85kg)
    Sue 13.33 (20kg across)
    Pete 18.39 (30kg)
    Mel.P 12.27 (30-50kg)
    Jenni 14.36 (20kg across)
    Shelbs 14.01 (20kg across)
    J.D 15.08 (25kg across)
    Matty.L 9.35 (45kg across)
    Aido 9.44 (47.5-70kg)

    Simon ??
    Karen 16.35 (50-57.5kg)
    Mull 22.35 (30-50kg)
    Dal 21.50 rxd
    Tobes skills
    Harro 16.56 (60-65kg)
    Chase 15.33 (40-60kg)
    Shano.C 15.16 (50-80kg)
    Ryno 17.38 (40-60kg)
    Kurt.N 16.33 (60kg across)
    Bryan 9.06 (60kg)
    Justin 23.43 rxd
    Lauren 20.24 rxd
    Elle DNF
    Amie 25.58 (47.5-52.5kg)
    Tom 24.50 (60-75kg)
    Suz 12.16 (37.5kg across)
    Bezza 10.57 (45kg across)
    Tracy 14.35 (mod)
    Kristen 14.40 (37.5kg across)
    Beck 18.36 (40kg across)
    Rob 12.11 (50kg across)
    J.F.K skills
    Corina 21.23 (40kg across)
    Issy 14.52 (32.5-37.5kg)
    Fiona 18.38 (22.5kg across)
    Mimsy 11.35 (2km row)

  2. Let me tell you it was very stressful putting the bolt through that chain!!!
    Just imagine while doing pull-ups if that came off!!! OUCH!!!!
    Certainly always something new to learn at crossfit 4551!!!!

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      Mwah………… K

  4. Was set to finish WOD in sub 13mins, the bent bar threw the dip-drive out the window. Wasted nearly 4mins changing over. Yes Michelle Les was wild!!

    Thinking of doing it again at 4.15pm if anyone is interested to come in a little earlier, will also free up ropes for the 5.30pm session.

    Thanks for sharing that Gill 😉

    • Mick you’re a crazy man wanting to do that twice in one day!! All the power to ya brother! I’m friggin shattered!

    • No excuses mick 😉 should of had your chum

  5. Thankyou Gill for sharing that info and congrats on your rxd you are doing amazing!!!
    Mick are you serious do you not feel pain!!! I’m with Pete all the power to you!!! Bloody awesome effort from all!!!

  6. 10km on exercise bike (11.30)
    Did some weights etc

    • was that while you were on the bike Stevo bahahhahaha good onya mate