WOD Friday 15/02/2013


Post start and heaviest loads for working sets to comments.

How good is this!!!

13 Comments on “WOD Friday 15/02/2013

  1. What a video to wake up to, and his speed under the bar was tops, loved his little dance move to and how more n more pumped up he was getting – NICE !!!! (in everyway ha ha )

  2. 5.30am
    Alan 95-130
    Megzi 85-100
    Mick E 60-85
    Cathy 60-85
    Corey 120-170
    Lynne 60-85
    Lisa 30-60
    Mel P 90-115
    Rei 20 across
    Tommy 120-160
    Livdogs 50-70
    Chazza 85-100
    Matty F 120-160
    Shano C 90-125
    Carlie 30-65

    Wog 120-135
    Sue 65-75
    Cliff 100-130
    Corina skills
    Kurt 130-152.5
    Brenno 100-120
    Pete 125-145
    Hayley 60-85
    Gilli 70-90
    Paul.G 90-120
    Shelbs 45-65
    Stevo 110-130
    Ryno 120-135
    Kob 40-60
    Jenny.B 65-85
    Alli 50-60
    Ben 110-130
    Richo 100-120

    JFK 120-150
    Pittas 40-60
    Justin 150-170
    Mick 150
    Brucey 140-145
    Lauren 80-102.5
    Dale 150-170
    Matty Mac 80-102.5
    Shelbs Mod
    Jenni.P 20-40
    Martin Tech
    Sarah 20-40

    Chelsea 20-30
    Aido 130-145
    Heidi 30-50
    Mish MOD

  3. Some good pb’s this morning. Lisa exceeded her monthly goal weight by a further 5kg! No burpees for you 😉
    Well done everyone

  4. Thank you very much guys for your lovely messages 🙂 ill miss you all so much! But don’t worry I’ll be back on the coast regularly (hopefully)! Keep up the training and hard work! And I will too 😀

  5. Great video, hard to understand how these guys generate the power to get such big weights overhead but it proves with the right technique it can be done (oh and the massive legs and arms also help!)

    Good luck to my beautiful daughter Charlotte. Leaving home is a big deal and we will surely miss you. Good luck in Brisbane and try to keep up the training…in between the parties…. oh and the small time spent at uni :-)…

  6. Awh thanks dad:)! Don’t worry I’ll keep up the training! Haha this isn’t goodbye, Don’t worry!! You still have me on Thursday Friday and the weekend 😉 mwahah! You can’t get rid of me that easy!

  7. Hi Guys,

    Just booked the same flights as Mick on JETSTAR – sunny coast 23rd – Syd, returning 27th . They have a deal for $65 per person one way. You can add baggage etc. so it will probably be slightly more than this but it is a good price….

  8. Hey guys had to do a wod at home for the reason i cant make it in this arvo 🙁
    I did ; five rounds
    10 dead lift 70 kg
    10 pull ups
    10 push ups
    I got 8:32

  9. Couldn’t get in today so I did a home wod.

    3 rounds for time:

    3 wall climbers
    5 strict pull-ups
    10 push-ups
    15 squats
    20 sit-ups


  10. That clip was awesome.. Love that song… would be good to hear it in he box cranking!!!