WOD Friday 16/12/2011

6 rounds of:
125kg (87.5kg) Deadlift, max reps in 30 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
Burpees, max reps in 30 seconds
Rest 30 seconds

Post total reps of Deadlifts and Burpees to comments.

Have you booked your spot yet? Don’t wait, anyone can come, It’s gonna be AWESOME!!

15 Comments on “WOD Friday 16/12/2011

  1. I’ll be onsite, my boss is away all Feb 🙁
    I will have to save it all up for the boxes we visit in March……. yeah baby!!

  2. Lohan all booked. Greg called to get some tips and I told him the boys and girls from 4551 would see him right…

    is everyone staying at seaworld?

  3. Just called seaworld resort and they are fully booked. Lohan’s will probably stay at the Hyatt unless some other decent accommodation is available

  4. Tommy did u say ur with the Crossfit tour, cos from what I understand they have left a certain amount of rooms reserved up untill 13th January if not booked by Crossfit they go on sale to general public? But I could be completely wrong

    • Hey Larns
      I did mention that I was with the Crossfit event but not sure if the guys understood. Maybe i should call again!

  5. Mick, I am coming to the Saturday session, but I am probably going to about 10mins late

    Everybody did very well.
    Weldone FAMILY4551<3 x

  7. 5.30am
    Matty 58/63 (100kg)
    Megan 61/56 (60kg)
    Allan 71/71 (80kg)
    Rhonda 57/42 (40kg)

    Gemma 24/24 (20kg)
    Chase 80/62 (60kg)
    Mull 46/49 (70kg)
    Lynda 31/37 rxd
    Alli 48/52 (60kg)
    Brenno 33/21 rxd
    Tamara 54/34 (20kg)
    Adam 42/56 rxd

    Mel P
    Gilli 58/57 (67.5kg)
    Kurt N 44/49 rxd
    Kurt H

    Livdoggs 54/62 (50kg)
    Cliffo 52/74 rxd
    Lauren 59/71 (70kg)
    Larns 47/49 rxd
    Paula 73/57 (50kg)
    Tommy 54/62 rxd
    Ryno 40/90 (87.5kg)
    Mel P 59/62 (50kg)
    Hulk 67/58 rxd
    Jagger 50/51 (60kg)
    Kazza 43/66 rxd
    Kurt H 80/88 (60kg)
    Hayley 49/52 (30kg)
    Michelle 38/70 (87.5kg)