WOD Friday 17/04/2015

Oh Angie, how we love you!

A) 18mins to find your 3RM:
Power snatch

Then in pairs complete the following,

B) EMOTM for 12mins, Max reps:
Odds: Power snatch, (Team load, your choice)
Evens: Wallball shots, 10kg (6kg)

-One bar, one ball per team.
-Distribute reps however you like.
-Continuous count, one total for evens and one for odds.

Post loads and total reps for each to comments.






8 Comments on “WOD Friday 17/04/2015

  1. OMFG Are they your hands Lynne. Ouch I would have ran out crying

  2. Whoa those hands are fingered! ba dahh ching! That’s gnarly Lynne.

  3. oh my dear lord holy crap you bloody legend lynne 🙂