WOD Friday 17/06/2011 (Day 12 of 25)

As Many Reps and Rounds As Possible in 20 minutes of:
Max Reps, Wallball 10kg (5kg)
15 Right Arm, Kettlebell Snatch 16kg (12kg)
Run 400m
15 Left Arm, Kettlebell Snatch 16kg (12kg)

Post Reps accumulated and Rounds to comments.

13 Comments on “WOD Friday 17/06/2011 (Day 12 of 25)

  1. 5.45am (Completed Wallball Reps/ Completed and partial Rounds)
    Allan 132 reps (4+WB+15+50m)
    Megan 28 reps (4+WB+15+150m) rxd
    Shano.G 35 reps (5rds)
    Cyn 41 reps (3+WB+15+350m)
    Mal 47 reps (3+WB) rxd

    Natasha 47 (4+WB+15)
    Amy 64 (4+15+350m)
    Chase 53 (3+WB+15+150m)
    Karen 49 (4+WB) rxd
    Clifford “NANCY” 15.59 rxd
    Lockstock 67 (4+WB+15+100m) rxd
    Alli 49 (4+WB+100) rxd
    Paul 54 (4+WB+1) rxd

    4pm Open Gym
    Sara (Deadlift 95kg (1)
    Mal Skills
    Paul Skills
    Dale (65kg Power Snatch)
    Aido Skills
    Dan Intro (Welcome)
    Wog Skills
    Cliff Mobility
    Kazzzz Skills
    Lauren (30-62.5 Front Squat (1)
    Lyndal 140kg Deadlift

    Paula 72 (3+WB+15+100m) rxd
    Tommy 47 (4+WB+15+300m) rxd
    Shaun 40 (inj) rxd
    Scotty.T 64 (3+WB+15+200m) rxd
    Rob 62 (4+WB+7) rxd
    Bek.L 47 (4+WB+15) rxd
    Lara 32 (3+WB+15)
    Tanners 53 (3+15+WB+15+150m) rxd
    Michelle.M 42 (mod)
    Albert 33 (4+WB+15+250m)
    Smokin 130 (3+WB++15+400m) rxd
    Shano.C 52 (4+WB+15+300m) rxd

  2. Nothing personal morning crew, but I hate your session!

    • Me too! Nice met-con Mick. Seen similar on .COM so I’m keen to have a crack.

  3. Can’t do today’s WOD as I’m heading to Brissie for the Broncos game so I did:

    5 Rounds

    10 Push Press (40kg)
    500m Row
    15 GHD Situps (mod) [Used incline bench]


    Will be in at 4-5 for the open gym session though 🙂

  4. Hey Mick, Wont make it in tonight still in brissy looking after my aunty, hopefully I’ll make it in on sat

  5. Cheers Larns, hope all is well mate, take care