WOD Friday 18/10/2013

“The Don”

For time:
66 Deadlifts, 50kg (40kg)
66 Box jump, 24″ (20″)
66 Kettlebell swings, 24kg (16kg)
66 Knees to elbows
66 Sit-ups
66 Pull-ups
66 Thrusters, 25kg (20kg)
66 Wall ball shots, 10kg (6kg)
66 Burpees
66 Double-unders


Post load and time to comments.


Todays Scoreboard


U.S. Marine Corporal Donald M. Marler, 22, of St. Louis, Missouri, assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, based in Camp Pendleton, California, died on June 6, 2010 while supporting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his mother Susan, his father David Sr., his sister Jennifer Pupillo, and his brothers David Jr. and Jacob.




19 Comments on “WOD Friday 18/10/2013

  1. Big thank you and shout out to Steve for counting out my burpees and double unders!!! Thanks buddie I really wanted to give up but you got me across the line today!!!

    • No worries Aimee!!! Any time! Everyone that did the 666reps I take my hat off too… Awesome effort!!

  2. Okay Wog the posts are back, just a quickly this morning
    5 rounds
    200m run
    5strict hspu
    10 box jumps (stack of steel waist high)
    15 sit-ups

  3. Had to bail for work without saying cheers to anyone but I wouldn’t have done all that without all you guys this morning. You guys rock

  4. Holy shit I bet Pete is happy to be back at work this week to avoid this one! Mick I think you should make him do it on a rest day when he returns to make up for it :-))

  5. 5am
    Kylie 34.19 (Team)

    Bel 39.38 (Team)

    Cam 70.52 (66)
    Shano 48.17 (55)
    Paula 45.10
    Corrine 62.57 (66)
    Reiven ?
    Nadine 62.05 (66)
    Kate 69.37 (66)
    Marty 66.15 rxd
    Aimee 52.30 (66)
    Kelly 27.35 (30)
    Stevo 23.44 (30)
    Mick.L 55.35 (55)

    Kim 28.21 (33)
    Russ 72.23 (66)

    Kurt 34.46 Team Rxd

    Suz 15.08 (mod)

    9.15 am
    Cliff 56.32 rxd
    Sarah 27.25 (22) (welcome)
    Mick.B 49.24 rxd
    Merv ?
    Cian 33.50(33)
    Naz 58.28 (44)
    Kyra 71.51 (66)
    Bec.M 62.36 (66)
    Sue 56.31 (66)
    Carol 42.24 (44)


    Shelby 41.45 TEAM

    Jamie 42.25 TEAM (44)

    Wog 39.02 MOD
    Karen 54.50 RXD
    Brian.L 35.00 (22)
    Adam 42.58 MOD
    James 59.41 RXD
    Andy 54.19 RXD
    Jenni.P 28.54 (33)

  6. Actually upset I’m away and couldn’t do this… Carolyn we will definitely do it another time haha 🙂

  7. Good luck to all the WODStockers tomoz – go get em guys and have FUN 🙂

  8. Home wod 150 burpees 16.10, 1.7 min better than last time i did this

  9. Great to see some more numbers getting into our gymnastics class, would love to see even more at the next one 😉
    hope everyone had fun playing around with handstands today and remember to give us some feedback on what you liked/disliked about the session so we can improve it and make it better for you guys!! 🙂

    • Thanks lads for the gymnastics skills… Its good to take it down a notch and go through some of these things at a less intense pace.. I find it quite helpful!!

    • Yeah Thanks heaps stickys.!!.
      It was a really good sesh and I really enjoyed it. Thank you.! I really liked the slow down of explaining. And it was really well planned.. I dont really have any bad feedback for you guys . It was great.!

      F#ck don right offf .!!

  10. Go Karen you are amazing Girl Power Plus xxxx

  11. Thanks so much jess for WODing with me tonight and being in my team for ‘DON’ that was horrible .! And im so glad I had you as my partner with that wod hahah.! 😀