WOD Friday 20/07/2012


Post loads completed to comments.

The fittest woman on earth for the 2nd consecutive year!!

14 Comments on “WOD Friday 20/07/2012

  1. 5.30am
    Alan 20-30kg
    Megan 20-22.5kg
    Kurt.H 30-50kg
    Penny 12kg
    Tommy 30-45kg
    Livdogs 20-35kg
    Cathy 12-20kg
    Carlie 12-20kg
    Hayley 20-30kg
    Mel.P 20-32.5kg
    Harro 40-52.5kg

    Corina 20-27.5kg
    Sue 6kg across
    J.D 6kg across
    Alli 30-42.5kg
    Shelbs 12kg across
    Jenni 12kg across
    Ryno 40-50kg

    Matty Mac
    Beck 27.5-40kg
    Kurt 40-65kg
    Livdoggs 30-42.5kg
    Matty F 45-65kg
    Cliffy 35-50kg
    Kazza 25-32.5kg
    Simon 20-22.5kg
    Chazza 27.5-40kg
    Stu 45-57.5kg
    Mel P
    Dal 30-45kg
    Mull 22.5-37.5kg
    Pete 22.5-35kg
    Fiona 12kg across
    Issy 12-27.5kg
    Mick 50-70kg
    Lauren 30-42.5kg
    Jayden 30-50kg
    J.F.K. 60-75kg

  2. Old Harro, isn’t he a bit of a dark horse quietly working his way through the field each day. Well done mate!

  3. Yo Mick ! I’ll not be in tonight as a have a prior engagement :-) However i will make the session up on sunday, see you then :-)

  4. Prior engagement hey… What could be more important than Crossfit?!?? ;)

  5. Well done Harry, I agree with Mick your looking good buddy…yesterday and today were great efforts.

  6. 3 x 800m sprints with 2 min rest between
    (2.55) (3.12) (3.21)
    Can’t wait to get home.. see ya next week and have a great
    weekend everyone

    • Nice week of training Stevo – bet u r dying to get into the box n lift some shit. Would love to see a pic of what weights u r using whilst working away. I love ur commitment!!! See ya next week.

    • I bet Stevo, your doin great buddy, takes a strong mentality to train by yourself day after day. We look forward to see in u back in big fella ;)

  7. FINALLY broke my nearly year-long stint of being stuck on 32.5kg for a snatch!! About freaking time. Can’t help but feel that it *may* have been a head thing…

    • Yeeew Mullski ur going gunners ATM – nice work chick.

  8. Just want to say how great it is to see people getting in for the O-lifting sessions and taking it all in and in return coaches are seeing huge improvements and confidence. Lovin it guys!!

  9. Congratulations MelZ thats bloody awesome!!!!!!!