WOD Friday 20/09/2013, Day 19!



Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
21 Kettlebell swings 24kg (16kg)
12 Pull-ups

Post load and time to comments.



18 Comments on “WOD Friday 20/09/2013, Day 19!

  1. 5.30am
    Kath 11.43 (12)
    Kylie.MH 11.04 (12)
    Aimee 10.42
    Lynne 13.43 rxd
    Pauly.R 13.37
    Jen.K 10.41 (12)
    Stevo 10.28 rxd
    Britt 9.59 rxd
    Carolyn 9.33 rxd
    Cam 12.37 (16)
    Emma 11.20
    Lauren.Y 11.51 (8)
    Mick.E 10.23
    Paula 13.31 rxd
    Tommy 8.34 rxd
    Livdogs 10.01 rxd
    Harro 9.46 rxd
    Kate 12.40 (8)
    Nadine 12.35 (16)
    Corrine 11.59 (16)
    Reiven 10.38 (12)
    Bec.M 9.07 (12)

    Merv 11.43 (16)
    Bianca 9.07 rxd
    Lauren.D 9.52 rxd
    Pete.R 10.07 rxd
    Hayley.G 12.01 rxd
    Josie 12.22 (12)
    Sue 13.04 (12)
    Paul.G 11.02 rxd
    Marty 10.47 rxd
    Jess 13.47 (16)
    Troncy 12.00 rxd
    Richo 12.58 mod
    Lock 9.33 (Heavy Helen) rxd
    Suz 12.20 mod
    Naz 12.30 (12)

  2. Home WOD- 1.5k run then, 50 push up, 40 back squat 50kg, 40 front squat 40kg, 5 handstand push up

  3. Well I got the results of my MRI and the specialist was not surprised that muscle ups and chin ups were causing me a lot of pain. High grade partial tear and partly retracted bicep tendon and a side tear to the subscapularis. Side tears ok but the reason rest and treatment was not helping me was the partial separation to the bicep tendon which they are saying will never heal unless I go under the knife and get it stitched up…… Good news is now we know we can fix the problem and i can still to anything that doesn’t require bicep flexion.

    That being said today’s workout was 5 sets of: 10 x 100kg deadlifts and 10 x 30in box jumps.

    they had a beautiful powerlifting setup at this trendy eastern suburbs gym with a big sign on the wall…”no dropping weights and no chalk”….. Shit, are these guys for real. I nearly ripped the nail off my thumb towards the end I was hook gripping so hard with sweaty hands trying to hold onto the bar…..

    Some more awesome times today, good work guys and happy birthday Paul….

  4. Wow Matt that’s a buma know wonder you were in pain!!! But already you are being positive about it and looking forward good for you!! Another reason why 4551 rocks we can use chalk but we just can’t dump it!!!!;)

  5. Counting down the days, looking forward to getting back to the box and catching up with everyone. Tonight’s wod was a 4.4k 20min run, 2k 7:49 min row, 60 push-ups and 60 push-ups. Go the ” Hawkers” .

    • Grant wow this challenge is doing great things for you and your family love to read your posts good for you!! Your beautiful Suz did 21 each time of pull-ups instead of 12 she is so strong and fit it’s so awesome to watch you are one lucky man/family to have good health fitness and love on your side never let it go!!;) The End

      • Cheers Sus.
        Susie is a great inspiration to me and also to the people who surrounds her. Susie was saying how this pregnancy is so much different to Marli, must be just the fewer times visiting McDonald the Ronald in the last month, just kidding. I think a paleo challenge is a must for everyone at some stage for everyone that would like to catapult their training intensity and life style. “I’m impressed”.
        I also enjoy my swimming to Sus, so I can relate to your achievement and think it was very well done by you.
        Well done Matty R for pushing on.

  6. Happy Birthday Pauly!! hope you ve had a great day, sorry for late message Kurt and I have been away 🙂

    And Matt well what can I say your amazing! Good luck with your injury, hope you heal sooner than later.