WOD Friday 21/01/11

“CrossFit Total”

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.

17 Comments on “WOD Friday 21/01/11

  1. 5.45am In order of: 1)Squat 2)Press 3)Deadlift
    Meagan 32.5/25/60= 117.5kg (1.8%)
    Louise FS 32.5/25/75= 132.5kg (1.44%)
    Tommy 110/62.5/165= 337.5kg (3.97%)
    Paula 45/38.5/70= 153.5kg (2.19%)
    Cyn 45/35/62.5= 142.5kg (2.26%)
    Jayden 85/52.5/127.5kg= (3.58%)
    Lauren 67.5/41/97.5= 206kg (3.96%)
    Mim FS 35/40/105= 180kg (1.85%)

    8am .com

    Mick 55-70kg
    Cliff 40kg

    Nick.Z 102.5/61/135= 298.5kg (4.39%)
    Lock Sock 75/55/130= 260kg (3.42%)
    Trina 90/47.5/125= 262.5kg (2.79%)
    Karen 52.5/25/100= 177.5 (2.71%)
    Nicole 30/25/60= 115kg (1.43%)

    4pm Open
    Amanda 60/41/90= 191kg (2.87%)
    Mick Deadlift 190kg (1’s)
    Lyndal 95/51/130= 276kg (3.17%)
    Mel 70/31/102.5= 203.5kg (3.03%)
    Ryno.C 82.5/42.5/115= 240kg (3.87%)

    Albert 80/42.5/135= 257.5kg (3.06%)
    Paul 80/45/120= 250kg (3.18%)
    Alana 92.5/41/131= 264.5kg (3.14%)
    Lara 50/35/85= 170kg (1.17%)
    Gill 60/40/115= 215kg (2.21%)
    Tanya 55/32.5/95= 182.5kg (2.53%)
    Matt.F 115/72.5/170= 357.5kg (3.72%)
    Casie 42.5/30/80= 152.5kg (1.67%)
    Blake 70/57.5/137.5= 285kg (2.62%)
    Beck 65/37/72.5= 174.5kg (2.91%)
    Jess 65/35/72.5= 172.5kg (2.40%)
    Rob 75/52.5/152.5= 280kg (3.30%)
    Joe 120/60/200= 380kg (4.00%)
    Brucey 105/57.5/155= 317.5kg (4.34%)

  2. That was a awesome morning, massive efforts from Lauren and Tommy you guys are machines !!!

    • Thanks Jayden you and Lauren we great this morning, PB’s in everything is fantastic well done!

  3. Oh my!! Im gunna be sore tomorrow!!!! Actually what am I talkin about…Im bloody sore now!!!! ;)

  4. Hey 4pm crew we smashed some PB`S great effort.
    Congrats to everyone else as well. :)

  5. Awesome Efforts from the Late Crew!! Well done Fellow Fitters!!
    Loving the Box!! Hava good Weekend and see you all Monday. ;)

  6. How cool is CF4551 – the place is a rockin – I’ve never seen anything like it before were everyone just loves/hates (ha ha) what they are doing and achieving amazing results – all thanks to CF4551 – thank you!

  7. i’m waiting up to see what is in store for us tomorrow… mick if i don’t get enuf sleep its all your fault. hehe i totally agree with ya deegs this box is awesome and im so blessed to have such amazing ppl in my life. i love the positive atmosphere…. i can be in the worst of moods and after a sesh with my fellow crossfitters im in a awesome mood and in a better frame of mind. to each and everyone of you thankyou for being you. the results are amazing and an inspiration to someone like me….. Gill for one, u are amazing!!!!!!! see ya all tomorrow….. please please don’t be something terrible………………… i mentioned it already today but im repeating again… mountain climb soon pretty please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sweet dreams folks

    • Awww thanks Trina, I totally agree the atmosphere in the box is awesome, makes you want to strive harder each day! And the support and encouragement from everyone really makes a difference! Hopefully we can do some sessions together soon!

    • aaahhhhhhhemmmmmmmmmmm were was you this AM Ms Trina??? I’m gonna kick ur Butt!

      • i know… my bad!!! i got a call at 2.30 and was on the phone till the sun came up and then i slept thru my alarm i felt so bad.