WOD Friday 21/10/2011 “CRUSH CANCER”

On the weekend at the Gymnastics Certification, we were asked by Dusty Hyland (Gymnastics Coach/Owner DogTown CrossFit) if we could complete this WOD at our gym to help raise awareness and honour those who have been touched by or suffered from Cancer. This weekend, Dogtown Crossfit will be holding and completing this very same workout in the states and all affiliates taking part in this WOD will be asking their members if they could dig deep and donate for the cause. Underneath is a link if you are able to donate a few bucks to this foundation.

How to Donate, visit: https://secure.standup2cancer.org/custom/?c=team&a=donate&id=5217

“Crush Cancer WOD”

3 Rounds
1 Min. Each Station- As Many Reps As Possible:
Power Clean 42.5kg (30kg)
Kettlebell Swings 24kg (16kg)
Shoulder to Overhead 42.5kg (30kg)
Double Unders

Post load and reps to comments.

8 Comments on “WOD Friday 21/10/2011 “CRUSH CANCER”

  1. Man!! That is some serious Gymnasticationalization!! Clifford!!!! Demo Please… 😉

  2. I can’t believe I’m going to say this……. but I actually want a squat or wall ball wod, my shoulders are pretty sizzled already and tomorrow will be the sauce on top to finish the grill.
    My shoulders are that huge they have taken over my neck and I look like the hulk in female form… shit I’m massive hahaha 🙂

  3. 5.45am
    Dale 263 rxd
    Kristen 192 rxd
    Rhonda 339 (12kg)

    Chase 199 (30kg)
    Brenno 168 (30kg)
    Kurt 275 rxd
    Corina 183 (22.5kg)
    Louise 183 (12kg)
    Mick 486 rxd
    Alina 99 (mod)
    Adam 149 (mod)

    4pm Open

    Tommy 254 rxd
    Paula 180 rxd
    Rob 303 rxd
    Beck.L 247 (mod)
    Cliffo 300 rxd
    Karen 492 rxd
    Chazza 226 rxd
    Ryno 363 rxd
    Brandos 193 rxd
    Matt.Mack 243 rxd
    Larns 259 rxd
    Crossfit 259 rxd
    Gill 209 rxd

  4. Massive Dale well done. Did you set your clock for am instead of PM..:-)

    A worthy cause in deed the Lohan will be donating and will give the one a good crack…even though the shoulder, traps, core, legs (and everything else come to think of it) are killing…see you tonight.

  5. Kurt you Animal yeeewww! Mick your a beast and DALE it was to early for you this am bahahhahahahah

  6. Wow Karen you are amazing go girl!!!! Impressive and inspiring woop woo